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Possible Speedup Installing XP by Expanding I386

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nuhi Thank you very much for popping in, All and any feedback is welcome.

Not only that but I was not aware of a previous descussion on this, Thanks for the info.

We have discussed this before on nlite's forum
are you talking about this thread Decompress all Windows setup files, to speed up installation?
and came to a conclusion that compressing files into few big CAB's like driver.cab or sp2.cab would significantly speedup copy process from CD.
I also noticed in that thread that it suggested by you and talked about between fdv, Sereby but did Sereby or anyone figure out how to do it and what were the results?

nuhi, also in your forums in this thread UPX source compression? it was suggested to use UPX on all of its supported file types then compress and cab. Again, what were the results? Did this provide any possibe gain?

nuhi, I also wanted to thank you for popping in and giving the CAB idea by sharing with you and others a program I found browsing the net.

I am not sure if you were aware of the program or even need it but Less MSIérables lets you extract files and view msi tables.

Oh, one quick thing nuhi I know you are programing in C# and that is what the above program is written in. What I think you will find most usefull about the above program is that it comes with the source code that you could possibly use in nLite.


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@riverrm, true, only point was that it's in one big file...that helps with continuity and cd copy speed. I may be off with that first phase but it does copy eventually.

@Araknis, that's the one.

Don't know of the results...basically I'm not doing it because than you need to edit inf's and put entry to locate files in cab...not so needed to be worth breaking signature of particular inf.

Upx works, but I don't use it myself since it slows things down after install and space is not what i'm after even though it may seem otherwise.

I'm just interested in freeing the memory from unneeded processes, thus removing components.

Msi thing read in nlite's forum and replied to.

Edited by nuhi

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I hope you are not wasting DVD's trying this and just creating a ISO image and trying in a Virtual Machine.

DVD-RW? :blink:

I'm going to try this tonight... See if I get a success story on VMWare. :D:blushing:


Just thought about what Nuhi's been saying... Hell, maybe I shouldn't bother. I think there'd be little if any difference. I've got an excellent hard drive so transferring all the decompressed files would be a snap. However I've also got an excellent processor so decompression shouldn't take any time at all.

However if somebody with say a SATA1 Raptor and a crappy processor would like to test this... :whistle:

Edited by galvanocentric

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This is an old topic but I just want to say that the script posted in #1 is wrong. You can't just unpack files and remove their packed versions because there are some files that unpack to different filenames, ex. "wic.dl_" will be unpacked to "windowscodecs.dll".

To have it done correctly the unpacked version must be renamed to its original name so "windowscodecs.dll" should be renamed (not packed!) to "wic.dl_".

This is the script to do it automatically:

FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR/A-D/B/S i386\*.*_') DO (


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