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TCPMP - The Core Pocket Media Player

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Excellent program! :thumbup


The Core Pocket Media Player is an open-source media player for Palm OS-based and Windows CE / Windows Mobile-based devices.

Supported file containers

- AVI (*.avi)

- Matroska (*.mkv, *.mka)

- MP4 (*.mp4, *.m4a)

- Ogg Media (*.ogg, *.ogm)

- ASF (*.asf)

Supported audio codecs

- Mpeg 1 Layer III

- Ogg Vorbis

- Musepack

- Windows Media Audio (on Windows Mobile devices)

- AC-3


- Adpcm, uLaw

Supported video codecs

- DivX

- XviD

- MPEG4-SP (plus B-frame support)



- Windows Media Video (on Windows Mobile devices)

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Bloody oath its an awesome program !!

I give it 11/10

Now if there was only a way to remove Media Player :P

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Just got around to cleaning up my pda, and i realized one of my favorite PPC apps was updated twice recently. :)



version 0.71: 2005-11-23

-yuv blitting fix (intel 2700g, sonyhhe effected)

-ogg icecast fix

-avi opendl mode out of sync fix

-large jpeg file support

-song title updated with audio streaming fix

-portrait pre-rotate disabled for coverart and podcasts

-WinCE: http async mode (connection loss should not freeze the player)

-WinCE: http avi playback fix

-WinCE: http streaming emulate wmp10 identification (for ORB server)

-WinCE: http site parsing and listing fixes

-WinCE: file association IE auto-download flag only for playlists

-WinCE: options/audio menu disappearing fix

-WinCE: raw framebuffer mode only for WM2003SE and later

-PalmOS: screen blanking audio pause fix

-PalmOS: pre-rotate portrait movies advanced option

version 0.70: 2005-11-15

+Speex audio decoder support

+Epson graphics controller mode (Nexio S150/S151/S155/S160/XP30)

+Nexio XP40 DirectDraw overlay support

+mjpeg gray-scale support

+minimal jpeg, tiff, png image file support

+better support for enhanched podcasts (m4a with image slideshow)

+coverart support for music files

+ffmpeg library updated

+support for low resolution decoding (video quality)

+h263 elementary stream support

+PalmOS: advanced opitons dialog

+PalmOS: T|X LCD tweak options

+WinCE: Axis Network Camera MJPEG streaming support

+WinCE: RGB support for 2700G (example WMV playback on X50v)

+Win32: ascii console video mode :-)

+Win32: screen saver disabling during video playback

-AAC removed from official binaries because of intellectual property considerations

-Matroska codec info handling fix (h.264)

-MatroskaParser library updated to version 1.47

-ID3v2 fix in rawaudio

-OGG tags as UTF-8 coding

-some third party libraries replaced

-avi files with ogg vorbis stream fix

-h263 decoding fix + fallback to ffmpeg when format not supported

-s263 (with 3gp) fix and support for h263 extended width/height

-safe string handling (overflow protection)

-mpeg4 decoder fixes

-WinCE: codepage handling fixes

-WinCE: ATI Imageon driver memory leak bug tweak

-WinCE: backlight handling fix

-WinCE: HTTP streaming fixes

-WinCE: Raw Framebuffer usage with QVGA smartphones

-WinCE: fix for MIPS VR41XX tweaks on WinCE 2.xx

-WinCE: skip installing official gx.dll for new HPC devices with aygshell, but no GAPI support

-WinCE: WMV9 advanced profile support via DMO interface (only with WMP10)

-WinCE: file associations fix

-WinCE: stereo mode (swapped,join,left,right) fix

-PalmOS: m3u/pls playlist absolute path fix

-PalmOS: stack overflow fix with some vorbis files

-PalmOS: adpcm and uLaw audio codecs moved to tcpmp.prc install

-PalmOS: audio buffer fix (music head not lost anymore after open)

-PalmOS: Treo650/T5/LifeDrive program exit crash fix

-PalmOS: sysAppLaunchCmdOpenDB launch fix

-PalmOS: external launching fixed (auto fullscreen playback)

-PalmOS: T|T storage memory tweak fix

-PalmOS: better low memory handling with mpeg1 files

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