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Bâshrat the Sneaky

For some reason it just WON'T work...

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first of all I'd like to thank Wraith for such a versatile utility! But I seem to have some (beginner?) troubles with it.

I've configuredmy include-Items.xml (see the attachment), and my include-StdConfig.xml (also attached).

There are 2 main possibilities I think, that may be causing all this:

1) I've included variables, but also variables that use variables. I don't know if this is causing the problems.

2) I was trying to use an include-Items.xml (I know I can rename it...) WITH the 'configs' entry in the 'item' tag, while I was using GFXinstall. But when I retried with SelectInstall, it didn't work neither!

So here are my .xml files you need to find my problem. (no registration information is included)

Thanks in advance!




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Nanaki    0

First, could you post a log-file, those things are _really_ handy. :)




  <item display="Add user accounts" image="#XPLODE#\images\windbg.gif">

Add the "<items>" tag I inserted

  <item display="7-zip" image="#XPLODE#\images\7zip.gif">

  <execute display="7-zip #V_7ZIP#" desc="#INST# 7-zip #V_7ZIP#" configs="Default,BTS">




please note the highlighted entry should be "program". This is in ALL your program tags, so you need to do a find-and-replace. :)

  <fileio-copy display="Patch CloneCD" desc="Patching CloneCD" configs="BTS">


Highlighted entry should be "from".

  <item display="

  <item display="Daemon Tools" image="#XPLODE#\images\daemontools.gif">

Empty entry, remove it.

  <fileio-copy display="Patch GetDataBack for NTFS" desc="Patching GetDataBack for NTFS" configs="BTS">


Should be "from".

  <execute display="IrfanView #V_IRFANVIEW#" desc "#INST# IrfanView #V_IRFANVIEW#" configs="Default,BTS">


    <arguments>/silent /folder="%ProgramFiles%\multimedia\IrfanView" /desktop=0 /group=1 /allusers=1 /assoc=1</arguments>


  <execute display="IrfanView plug-ins #V_IRFANVIEW#" desc "#INST# IrfanView plug-isn#V_IRFANVIEW#" configs="Default,BTS">

Twice to be replaced to desc="

  <item display="Partition Magic" image="#XPLODE#\images\partitionmagic.gif">

  <execute display="Partition Magic #V_PARTITIONMAGIC#" desc "#INST# Partition Magic #V_PARTITIONMAGIC#" configs="Default,BTS">


  <item display="Shockwave" image="#XPLODE#\images\shockwave.gif">

  <execute display="Shockwave" desc "Installing Shockwave 10" configs="Default,BTS">


  <execute display="QuickTime settings" desc="#IMP# QuickTime settings" configs="BTS">

    <program>C<execute display="SmartFTP settings" desc="#IMP# SmartFTP settings" configs="BTS">


what the?

I can't correct more without a log-file. The other two files seem correct.

Edited by Nanaki

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Alanoll    0
GOD BLESS YOU :thumbsup:

And... **** those are stupid mistakes!!! :blushing: A lame excuse, but it must be the 450 lines in one day that made me overlook it :|

Thanks :)

P.S.: it DID work now :D

Open the XML file in IE. It should tell you about such XML based errors and just about where they are. (Unended quotes, nonclosed tags and such)

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