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Beware of www.canaca.com

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People beware of web hosting company called www.canaca.com

This company is managed by a bunch of thieves.

It offers an alleged excellent offer to seduce you: (10 GB web space, 200 GB montly bandwidth, 3.95 $ per month)
Sound good?
Nope, once you're there you're busted.

First they tell you when oredering that they need your phone number to call you for confirmation. And here come the first tide:
You'll receive this e-mail from canaca.com:

Phone Confirmation


We tried calling you with no luck. Please give us a call when you have
a minute. Our number is 1-800-823-9410 -or- +1-905-276-0658 for outside
North America.

Please note that once you call and speak to a rep they will be able to
activate your account for you without any problems.

Best Regards,
Canaca-Com Inc.

Now after taking your money, it's you who should call them.

It's Ok, let's continue:

They said that the call is free, and here's come the second tide:

Once YOU call and confirm, you need to send a dozen of begging e-mails to receive your login.

It's OK. You'll wait 1 week to receive your username and password.

The first week of hosting is great and everything is going fine. But once 10 days pass, your site will stop working, it will cease to exist. You can neither upload nor download, and you'll recieve a new e-mail, so prepare yourself for a third tide:

The IP address of your account has been blocked due to overloading the network by having lots of unusual connection.
Please provide us with explanations.

My goodness!!! Where's the 200 GB promised???
Whatever your explanation is, you'll receive this e-mail:

What caused your account IP address to be blocked is using lots of bandwidth at a same time so the network can't handle. As you know, we have clearly mentioned in out TOS (http://canaca.com/contract.html) that you are not allowed to use the network resources more than 10% at a single moment. We had to block your IP address to prevent further disruptions in serving other accounts which are using the same network resources.

Anyway, if you assure us to avoid letting happen of such network abuses, we will unblock your account IP address and resume your hosting account.

See guys, I can only use 10 % of my 200 GB.
My 200 GB dropped to 20 GB monthly.
And notice: http://canaca.com/contract.html
This page is hidden when you place your order. It only appears when they drop your 200 GB to 20 GB.
So you need now to accept the new rules, otherwise the hosting will be canceled and you can say goodbye to your money.

What is funny, is that on their home page, they said "30 days money back gurantee if you're not satisfied..."
Well this is a big lie. You'll never get your money back.
Jusr read the hidden page: http://canaca.com/contract.html:

If the issue is related to something that we did not promise you to provide then this 30 day money back guarantee will not apply.

So dream not of some money back.

Now, if you send more e-mails to protest and asking when your IP will be unblocked, you'll be punished and you'll receive this e-mail:

No, The IP address should be blocked for at least 4 days.

So now I lost my money, my bandwitdh dropped to 20 GB and I am punished for at least 4 days.
I don't know what is waiting for me in the next few days.
Don't worry, I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, please warn your friends:


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I had a similar problem :(



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10 GB web space, 200 GB monthly bandwidth, 3.95 $ per month)

That would have been the first clue it was a scam. The saying has never died and will be alive for years to come:

"If it's to good to be true, it probably is"

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[1] The guy is photoshopped
[2] The guy shirt is photoshopped

Posted Image

You want some Glock with that?
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My site is up and running (www.zxian.org).


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Just been checking their site out! what a scream.

they even ofer a dial up internet access at http://acanac.com/Dialup.htm.

Note the slight change in Company name.

It says that one of the perks of their dial up package is the ability to send 50Mb attachments! over a 56k dial up!. LOL

And the website, sheesh that template has been doing the rounds for ages.


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Free hosting... needs a banner, but that's not that big of a deal... it's free, no?

A misplaced or unexpected banner can easily mess up a well coded page in my opinion. I prefer 4uhost.info. No banners at all plus great service & plans.



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So the 200 GB shall have been 20 . 0 GB!

Sounds like that host loves to act like malware!

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This might be piling onto it but...

10 GB web space, 200 GB monthly bandwidth, 3.95 $ per month)

Oh look! it's even more good to be true! It now says:

500 GB web space, 2000 GB monthly bandwidth, 3.95 $ per month)

As for hosting however, why not host yourself and not worry about advertising?

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I have been a canaca customer for a long time. Recently I wanted to upgrade my plan and figured that they would have billed me correctly before with my Bronze 12 month.

Turns out that even though the listed USD$4.95 * 12 for 12 months, plan, they also converted it to CAD for me at a rate of 1.2 (the rate is 1.07 at the time of the credit card transaction).

When I asked their sales, they said their contract says it's a converstion rate of 1.2. Nowhere in their contract on their terms of use listed 1.2.

I am going to contact Better business bureau if they don't fix this up. I don't know how many Canaca customers are being ripped off out there.


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I have been with Canaca since 2002 and overall I have found them to be fairly good. But in recent times there has been an increase in downtimes and a lack of contact options for them.

I cite this example.

My site went down along with their own site. The only option was to email them but I couldn't do this because both my and their sites were down.

There should always be a contact number for support.

I hunted around and found their technical support gentlemans contact details

Paul Louro

52 Knightswood Ave
Maple, ON L6A 1M2
(905) 553-3807

I provide it here so that others may avoid my frustrations.



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With this many reported "issues" and a site with a lack of contact information, it seems that unless you're already a customer and don't wish to split, simply not doing business with these folks is your best option. Sure another hoster may not be as cheap, but you get what you pay for in this instance it would seem.
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FWIW (kinda OT, but more directed at/to Zxian); My bro's website (he's a Minister, as is his wife) -
Notice the teeny-tiny banner at the bottom ("Yola"). They also provide a paid-for service of some kind. Fair warning, I haven't a clue how to create your own webpage and upload it; they apparently have been using some kind of "tool". Appears that they have to upload files to "elsewhere" and provide links to them, either directly or using "widgets". They chose "biz" since the "com" and "org" were already taken.

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Had a look at x10. Seems pretty decent for a freebie host.

I would also include HelioHost, Zero Dollar ($0.00) Webhost (000 Webhost) and Zymic on the list of good ones. MSFN user Bristol used to have a huge Windows 2000 site hosted with Zymic on one of their subdomains (bristols.zxq.net -- no longer active and not accessible via Wayback Machine), and user Mimo has an informational page about HFSLIP on mimo.zxq.net.

I just signed up for HelioHost and found it pretty decent. 500MB of shared web space (not much wiggle room, but pretty decent for "static" pages) and "unlimited" bandwidth. I'm an aspiring author, and in this day of social media marketing, agents are requiring potential clients to demonstrate their ability to have a "platform," or some sort of Internet presence where they connect with potential readers. I just set up a domain name and have a Google blog externally that I'm setting up too. But the writing is my priority, so for right now a minimal setup ($ free) works for me. :thumbup




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MSFN user Bristol used to have a huge Windows 2000 site hosted with Zymic on one of their subdomains (bristols.zxq.net -- no longer active and not accessible via Wayback Machine)

The updates list which was hosted by bristols is now located at http://www.windows2000.tk/updates :whistle:

I myself use http://www.000webhost.com/ for hosting and haven't really experienced any serious problems so far.