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Info: net use command returns system error 1312

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...This stumped me for too long...

Running the command:

net use P: \\Desktop1\MyShare MyPassword /user:MyUser

kept returning this:

System error 1312 has occured.

A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated.


The correct way to do it...

net use P: \\Desktop1\MyShare MyPassword /user:Desktop1\MyUser

Provide the logon server and the username to the /user command...

Im sure 99% of ya knew this already... :whistle:


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Anyone know how to get around this, so I don't have to use the Servername in the login credentials?


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You got the username and password backwards. /user:username password

If your password has any spaces or percent signs or other special characters, you cant put it in the command line - it confuses the command line parser.

Make a command script like this:

rem Make sure P Drive does not exist

net use P: /D

rem Delete any secure channel connections

net use \\Desktop1\IPC$ /D

rem Map the drive

net use P: \\Desktop1\MyShare /user:MyUser MyPassword


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