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Longhorn Future Features/fixes

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------------------------------------------ LongHorn Project---------------------------------

* Fix kernel voice-over-ip problems

* Integrate kernel module system

* Fix transition of shadowed menus for non-interlaced monitors

* Fix sidebar transition from side/left/top (isn't working properly now will check later)

* Modify boot-loader

* Remove dependency for NTboot.dd

* Integrate slight module configuration for the kernel (needs work)

* Unloading of graphics drivers and sound cards "modules" on-the-fly

* Remove partition dependency (As of now and yester-year, partitions created were created with 8mb partitions to acompany the devices or parts of installation swapped from memory, this will now be easier with install modules)

* Update DirectX

* Update Windows Media

* Update video combing

* Modify Operating System "Search" function to search index files for WinFS visa-vi Yukon


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