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[vb] Simple Quick Codes

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Display the Current Time

Simply put a label control

in form load event put

Private Sub Form_Load()
labelname.caption = time
End Sub

and if u want it to be updated every second add timer and label

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
labelname.caption = time
End Sub

make sure u make the timer interval = 1


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File System

Like to know how to do such things as delete file(s) and directory(s)? Even create directories etc?

Well, take a look what i'm about to write :)


To create a directory, simply use this code;

VBA.FileSystem.MkDir "driveletter:\directoryname"

eg VBA.FileSystem.MkDir "C:\dogs"

simple huh? :rolleyes:

Maybe u'd like to remove a specifyed directory?

VBA.FileSystem.RmDir "driveletter:\directoryname"

same type of method with the drive letter and dir name

just a note about this. To avoid errors with this, add the follow to the code;

On Error GoTo errLog
VBA.FileSystem.RmDir "c:\rabbits" ' This is an example say if it didn't exist so no need to add this :P
If Err.Number = 76 Then
MsgBox "Directory doesn't exist"
End If

Time to use the On Error Goto statement. The example states on an error goto ErrLog

What this means if the error number = 76, simply mean if the directory doesn't exist, a msgbox will appear saying so.

adding more code soon, please be patient :D


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