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Zxian's guide to Desktop Enchancements!

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The latter takes a bit of know-how, and should probably be described elsewhere by someone who's actually done it (DarkWader perhaps..?).

Ah, I didnt see this post before now.

I would have made that "howto" earlier, but since WB5 is released now, and mostly everyone has it, I wont bother doing that..

Unless someone begs me to :P

Its quite simple actually.

Resize the wallpaper to the screen resolution, cut the bottom of the wallpaper so that it will fit the taskbar.

Use Paintshop and create a 2 layer image, by using the taskbar bitmap and add a new layer that's around 70% opacue, paste the wallpaper cut and merge these two layers.

Use a program called ResEdit to edit the msstyle, and change the taskbar bitmap to the one you made in paintshop.


Do you know which bitmap(s) those would be for the Royale Noir theme? There's sooooo many and a lot of them look like potential candidates. I am considering doing this, or even changing the look of the task bar itself by changing those files. Not sure where to begin. By the way, how do people make themes? Like make their own .msstyles. I know I'll need the uxtheme patch if I make my own.

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