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[Question] - virtual memory w/ 2gig of ram

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cluberti    5

That depends - since the Windows kernel requires up to 470MB of paging file space, I'd say stick with at least 500MB to keep the system from having to resize the paging file due to running low on virtual memory (this can cause paging file fragmentation, which is to be avoided if at all possible). Also, if you plan on using large files (or large amounts of little files) in daily use, having a large paging file will actuallly *increase* performance, because of the way in which Windows handles the file system cache - it is stored entirely in kernel paged pool memory, which itself is stored entirely in the paging file. Having enough space (again, up to 470MB) in your paging file will increase system performance if you plan on using your system in such a way.

If you ever have a system crash and need to debug the memory dump, you'll need at least 2GB + 50MB to hold all of the data, but if you don't foresee the need for such an occurence, I'd say 500MB is best.

Remember that Windows may still attempt "page out" virtual address pages mapped in physical memory to the paging file if those pages are not accessed after a good amount of time, as necessary. It may do this even if you have most of your physical memory available.

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