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Modified cars

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Poll: Would you drive a modified car? (60 member(s) have cast votes)

Would you drive a modified car?

  1. Yes (43 votes [72.88%])

    Percentage of vote: 72.88%

  2. No (8 votes [13.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 13.56%

  3. I like 2 look@them but not drive them (8 votes [13.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 13.56%

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Lunar Leaper

Lunar Leaper

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I drive my ol' Volvo V40 2.0, hoping to sell it and buy a new one. The only prob is that ion Norway, cars are EXXXXPENSIVE. I'm telling you, a Honda CRV like MNSwar wanted cost about $50 000, or € 40 000 :}

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Good reason to be in the US - Chrysler, General motors have a wide range of cheap cars. :D
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I don't really understand the modifying themes in USA.
cops are very strick about the speeding, and modifing the engine is not so clever thing to do in USA,
cars are alreay heavily loaded and chip tuned to have a limit of 140mph.
there are lots of ferrari's and lamborghini's getting wasted at running at max 60mph.

and most ppl don't know what they're doing, some ppl even mess the engine and they get lower acceleration sometimes. and modifying the exterior but not the engine is kind of lame!.
cars are so cheap in USA! **** it!

I wanted acura tl! its $32000 in usa $100.000 in here (estimated, I had asked for a acura RSX type S(integra type R) in us its $22000, and they gave me $70,000 over here, simply NOO!)

want to know the price for a lamborghini gallardo in Turkey? $385.000 whereas its 220,000 in USA!! aaaa but still there are 3 gallardo's in here, don't know how ppl manage to get them! 2 maybach's 100's of porsche's. couple of aston martin's, **** the db9 gtr its so nice! etc.....




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I've got a french car a Peugeot 307 - 2.0 my company car.
I drives fast and is nice to drive with.


I never would change anything except for chip tuning. :D
A good soundsystem is more important for me!

When I want to drive fast I go to Germany :thumbup
My car went to 200km/h in Germany :) and I was still relax in my seat!

And yeah there were still BMW's and other fast cars flying by :D
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Good reason to be in the US - Chrysler, General motors have a wide range of cheap cars. :D

Cheap build too. :}

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Let me see some pics of your ride.

I whole heartedly agree with this. i own 2 fast 2 furious on DVD, and i also have friends who race (legitimately) and own fancy cars. by far, if i have to choose between the 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago, 1969 Chevy Chevelle or the 1997 Toyota Supra, i'll take the Chevelle 10 out of 10 times. besides, if you know what to "modify" your car with, like sequential fuel injection, F1 headers and the works, you actually can get better mpg ratings than those 1.8L 4 cylinder ricers. That and i prefer the sound of muscle over the squeal of a V12 barely pushing 500HP.

I have nothing against ricers though, when they're finished right and have a full paint job and everythings been taken care of, they look great...they don't have the sound though. the purr of power, or the sound of a fart cannon?

there are a few things that mix the best of both worlds though. Factory Five Racing's GTM mixes the power of All American Muscle cars into the looks of an exotic car. Well worth every penny (my friend just finished building his, and took it to california for car shows and racing).

Chevy muscle FTW!

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for me it depends on the modification.

If its just engine tweaking - cams, headers etc etc, then yeh, id drive it, if it had some stupidly modified body work, id be embaressed to drive it tbh!
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I Love The Modificated Cars That Looks Like Those On " Pimp My Ride " Show ! It's Amazing , Comfortable , With New High Tech And A Splendid Inside So I Totally Agree With Cuevo ....




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Hell Yeah, American Muscle, We got a 1976 Ford Torino (starsky and hutch style) and yes, we built it all. It has a 351W Small block, Pushing 500hp and 415, foot pounds of torque.

But shes really really heavy its almost 5,000 pounds. hehe... But hey its awesome,

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I'd drive one and want to do it one day, but with an exception. I don't like how all custom cars are pretty blah in comparison with each other. Like I want to custom up a car to make it look like a race or rally car, but only drive it on the street.

Then again a lot of people custom the worst cars ever where I live. Like a car with a wrong color replacement door, tons of rust, total junkers you wouldn't pay more than $200 for, but they have chrome rims, a system and a lift kit... I can't figure it out really. Then there are the random ricers with the muffler sound thing to make them sound like an RC car, I don't get that either. Whatever happened to Monster Camaros?

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