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only "one-way sync" with Outlook 2003 and PDA

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my2001    0

Hey ... maybe this is the right place for my problem. I hope to get an answer here because I can't use my PDA properly.

What's the matter?

I've got a PDA with OS Windows Mobile 2003 SE (Second Edition ). On my PC there is Outlook 2003 installed with current patches. So far okay. The problems occur when I try to sync the data between my PDA and PC.

When I put the PDA in the craddle ActiveSync 4.1 starts and beginns sync'ing the data. But only one way, that's the problem. Only the changes I made in the database on my PC are transfered to my PDA, not vice versa. Changes I made on my PDA, e.g. address details, are not transferred to my PC, instead an error message is displayed. And as long as the PDA is connected with ActiveSync my PC-Outlook database is locked for further changes, e.g. the "new"-buttons are greyed out. I have to cut the connection and re-start Outlook on my PC to be able to alter the data like calendar, adresses, etc.

Does anyonw know what's the reason for this strange behaviour and how to get a working two-way sync?

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