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Windows XP Microborg

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I have a problem with Windows XP Microborg edittion.I integrated Ryan update pack and thats great but I cant add new programs

to WInBorg DVD menu .

They removed Options and Config buton and I dont know how to get it back.

I added programs to config.js file and when i try WPI lite only it has all programs but when I try it in Microborg,I don't have new programs.

Please help

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Windows XP Microborg edittion?? what is that?
Welcome to Windows XP Borg Edition V 4.1

Resistance is Futile - We are Borg!

Windows XP - Borg Edition V 4.1 Probably not Final! LOL�..

This edition has all the bug fixes and a few extra programs included. It also installs directly from the DVD - no installation files are copied to the Hard Drive that would need to be deleted later.....except some extra proggies in the �extra proggies� folder, which will be copied to the root drive during install. You can keep �em or delete �em, your choice!

**************DO NOT try to use this DVD for upgrading your present OS! You MUST do a fresh install!***************

After Windows installation is complete, All the Apps below will be installable via an installation selectable menu. You will have 2 1/2 minutes to select any apps you want before the Automatically selected default selections will be used! If you want more time, simply click on the clock or make 1 selection and the timer will halt. Select only one of each firewall and Anti-virus! You should not install more than one instance of either. Once selections have been made, hit the Begin Install button at the top left and all your selections will be assimilated silently! See below for exceptions!

Almost no serials or any interaction after selections are made will be needed! Auto-partitioning has been disabled. All required serial or cracks needed, that could not be pre-installed - are in the Serials and Cracks folder,

which will be copied to your Main Root Hard Drive ( usually C ).

Consists of:

Windows XP Corp SP 2 Final


Over 1000 drivers for LAN, Sound, Mass Storage, Wireless Lan and Graphics included


Office 2003 SP 1

Front Page 2003 SP 1

Adobe Acrobat Pro 7.0 Full

Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0


Avast Anti-Virus 4.6

Symantec Anti-Virus 10.0 Corp.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0

XoftSpy 4.13

Sygate Personal Firewall 5.0

Kerio Personal Firewall 4.13

Outpost Agnitum Firewall Pro 2.7

Noadware Spyware Remover

Ad-Aware Pro SE 1.05 Retail

Spybot Search & Destroy 1.4

Zone Alarm


Alcohol 120% 1705

CloneCD 5.2.02

CloneDVD 3.5.4

Desktop Side Bar 1.04.88

Irfanview 3.95

Stat Bar 2.46

Nero Burning ROM

Nero Mega Plug in Pack

Power Toys for WinBorg XP

Tight VNC 1.2.9

UltraIso 7.51.965



DVD Shrink 3.2

DVD Santa 4.0

DVD Decrypter 3.5.4

K-Lite Codec Pack 2.47

Microsoft Windows Media Player 10.0

WinAmp 5.092

Open Video Joiner

Power DVD 6.0

WinDVD 6.0

Quicktime 6.5.2


ABC Bittorrent Client

Burst! 3.1b Bittorrent Client

Limewire 4.81 Pro

MSN Messenger 7.0

Mozilla FireFox 1.04

Mozilla Thunderbird 1.02

Opera Web Browser 8.0

Flashget 1.65 Final

Cute FTP Pro 7.0

UltraFXP 1.07

Snagit 7.2.1

WSftp Pro


Tweaknow Powerpack 2005

WinRar 3.50 Beta 5

Serials 2000 7.1 - updates in serials & cracks folder

Diskeeper 9.0 Pro

Vopt Defragger

Registry Workshop

RegSupreme Pro

Registry Mechanic 4.0

Microsoft Java VM Build 3809

ISScript 10.0


Adobe Photoshop CS2

Jasc Paintshop Pro 9.0

Extra Programs included in the �Extra Proggies� folder include:

Bryce 5.5

All Coffee Cup Proggies

Daemon Tools 3.47 + Add-ons

Hiren�s Boot CD 6.0

Super WinPE Ultimate Boot CD

Microsoft Virtual PC 2004

Photoshop Extras

ProShow Gold 2.5

Trillian Pro

BitTornado 0.3.12

SoundForge 8.0

Various Registry hacks and tweaks - Borg Set-up, Logonoff screens along with a bunch of Star trek Wallpaper.

Extra Folder of special "GraphiteBull Design Wallpapers"

Some Proggies like Symantec AV corp, CuteFTP and Winamp are not quite silent��..I have given up trying to make it so. You have to click a time or two for those proggies I�m afraid�..

3rd Party themes can be used - uxtheme.dll has been "fixed"

I have disabled a lot of reg tweaks I used before��.too many whiners. You�ll have to implement most of them yourself.

After Install is complete:

Open the Cracks and Serials folder and open the photoshop crack - follow the directions to activate it. Don�t b***h if it doesn�t work! I KNOW it does! If you can�t get it to work � your not following directions!

A few other proggies are not pre-cracked�..If the crackserial is not in the serials and cracks folder, I have included a file called �cracksearchers.rar� for you to find your own.


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Assisting with warez is forbidden also.

Ha looks like they used Bshrats driverpacks and WPI though. LOL asses!

Edited by kelsenellenelvian

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I have a problem with Windows XP Microborg edittion.
Update to the borg edition 5.0 - you're still on 4.1 currently, it seems.

And asking help with warez here is not allowed, read the rules! Next time you try it, BAN !!!

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Hey people

I need help about WPI (Windows postinstal wizard) it can be anywhere ,not only in Borg

I dont need help for warez.I know the rules


WPI is allowed and I dont know how to solve this problem.

Maybe I should leave WPI as standalone.

If somewhone knows please help.

THANKS :thumbup



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Download the newest WPI from the link in my signature and read the included manual. Then if you have more questions go to the WPI forum section and ask there.

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