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[Release] DVDx V2.4 newer CPU's supported now!

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Surprise, Surprise after about 1,5 years there is a new version!! :D 8)

Install from: svcpack.ini

MD5 hash: fa87928923ae3f1380cdd32759c19945

File Size: 2.84 MB (2,980,565 bytes)


Ore the forum! :

Download here:

Ore here:

And here:

Here to:


The brand new DVDx 2.4 version has been released, enjoy the new features and new performance:


  • - Release executable is optimized for Intel Pentium 4, Intel Pentium M, new Intel
    Pentium 4 with Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3) and compatible Intel processors
    (new AMD Athlon 64 support SSE3)
    - Internal encoders not changed, but now compiled by new Intel 9.0 compiler for the
    official binary release, likely more reliable and faster (DVDx 2.4 is faster than
    DVDx 2.3: VCD +15%, SVCD +10%, DivX +5% on SSE3 processors and VCD +12%, SVCD +5%,
    DivX +5% on SSE2 processors)


  • - Changed File menu and added ? (help) menu in respect with usual Windows GUI
    standards and to add support and web site links
    - Added Guide, FAQ and Support Forum in help menu
    - Added "Check new version" in help menu
    - Use ASPI is now disabled by default
    - Changed display of disabled items in menu bar (nicer in default skin)
    - Fix hard coded "Skin &themes" menu item, now set to current language menu item
    - Enable contextual help on F1 key for Input and Output Settings, for Custom Splitting (chapters) and in main window to open the Guide


  • - Update compilation platform to VC Toolkit 2003 and DX9
    - New reference compilation platform is Visual C++ 6.0 Pro with Service Pack 5,
    Visual C++ Processor Pack 5, DirectX SDK February 2006, VC Toolkit 2003,
    Intel C++ 9.0.28 (required for debug with DirectX 9)
    - Change compiler options (Win32 Release) to optimize for maximum speed


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the link works the rest are dead :: will mirror and than redit the post with new links


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