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Help with drivers in Windows XP after use driverpacks

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Hi All,

For a while i am following the guide to slipstream the updates from Microsoft into Windows XP Pro , for the dutch version we have currently 49 updates , which will perfectly work fine now.

Also i am trying to include the driverpacks as followed in the guide , i downloaded all the 7zip files and have read about the portcls.sys problem , for me the problem lied within the realtek sound drivers , so this problem also was fixed when i removed these drivers , untill now so far, so good.

This is my problem currently : I am working on a XP disc for Dell Optiplex machines , 4 different types ( GX260/GX270/GX280/GX520 ) , i found that the normal install would not install the sound and video driver , so i decided to get all the drivers from Dell and build my own driverpack wich i included in the whole process .

My driverpack looks like this :

I named a folder Driverpack_custom_v1 and maked 2 subfolders : A and G ( audio and Graphics )


1 ( audio drivers from GX260)

2 ( audio drivers from GX270)

3 ( audio drivers from GX280)

4 ( audio drivers from GX520)

5 ( audio drivers from GX620)


1 ( video drivers from GX260)

2 ( video drivers from GX270)

3 ( video drivers from GX280)

4 ( video drivers from GX520)

5 ( video drivers from GX620)

This looks like the folder i have right now.

Then i used 7zip to compress this folder and slipstreamed all the drivers with option 2.

The problem is that the drivers , fromwich i know 100% they are working fine when manually install them , will not be install during Windows setup.

What did i do wrong ?

Somewhere i also have read that these kind of folders/7zip files should be in the $OEM$\$1$ folder in order to be copied to the harddrive before the setup GUI starts , but this method used the OEM folder ( without the $ ) ..somehow stil have copied some files though.

Any help very much appreciated ,


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