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this is all in one

its install all the plug ins in that list

ok this has got

the program itself ver 3.2 [ 30 day demo, as far as i can remember]

drive space / process viewer / todo list / up time

turn off pc / volume control / system monitor

media control / command line

[ the plug ins i use]



filesize: 2.63 mb

other one plug ins list

battery monitor / calculator / cd control

clock / Mail monitor / Motherboard

Moon Monitor / Net monitor / Space plugin

Virtual desktop / Weather monitor / Wireless monitor



filesize: 4.69 mb

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First link just takes me to http://www.filefront.com/ and I've tried the second link...thats just the plugins for the first link, quite useless without the first.

Please update your post, or contact me with the info on how you did this, as I've tried with v4.0 and it keeps failing.


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