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trying to price up a new pc.. HELP!

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im trying to sort out prices for the pc i plan to build in the new year, so far ive had change a few things, heres the spec so far minus a hard drive, and it still comes to £989.96! anyone got ideas on similar but cheaper parts or places with cheaper stuff? in the uk please, or at least someplace thats ships to the uk and doesent charge $50 or more for the privilage. TIA!

ANTEC SX1030B from £99

Cold cathode black light ( ) - £25

window kit [server] ( ) - £15

Athlon XP 1900+ 1.6Ghz SoA ( - £246

all below from :-

Mainboard ( £149 + £5 p&p

Elsa gladiac 920 £279

crucial ram DDR 2100mhz £64.99 x 2

Zalman CNPS5005 Cooler £36.99

arctic silver II thermal compound £4.99




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Yah I heard compaq has some good deals:rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl

Already told you today, Let me know if you get a sugestion and you want some advice....Peace


Oh yah I found this after we talked, This is rated a little better than the one I showed you but its a few bucks more...


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