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Hi everyone :hello:

In order to keep this sub form as organised as possible, when making a request for an add-on, please post a NEW thread with the add-on name as the title, like so:

[REQUEST] uTorrent 1.3

PLEASE NOTE: if you are requesting multiple add-ons, please post them all in ONE thread only!

and put in the links to the website to help us out

This way, those whom are creating the add-ons can clearly identify what the members are requesting, and this will increase the chance of having your requested add-on created :yes:

and please put the website link in as well to help , some programs are a tab hard to find

once your request has being filled please edit the topice title and put int " :: Filled" , to let everyone know its has being done.

if there is multiple add-ons request, please edit the topice and say whichs ones are Filled

thanks for your assistance

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Hi all

this is just a small list of Simple things to do

im sure they are posted else where but Again n again i see it

#1 NO full titles / topices/ post in CAPS ... its not Nice [ as you can see, most people dont like to be yell at same with forums]

#2 search

-> if there is a post out there with the program you got a addon for post it there and pm me the link to the topice so that i can update the topice


When you make a addon the layout should be like this

Download : < URL here >

Filesize : nice to know how big something is to download if you on slow internet access or got a download limit

MD5 :: its nice to have a MD5 or CRC 32 to check the file to make

CRC 32 :: if you want to put it in you can

buld date :

Credit : only if your not the one that did the file

Mirror : if you can make a mirror thats always nice but if you want pm me ;) and i will think about it

heres a demo of what i mean

Post title : [addon] VLC ver 0.85

Download or

download : http://files.filefront.com/VLC_085cab/;519...;/fileinfo.html

MD5 : B20FCA38FCAD1AF9E34F04003586A132

CRC32 : 4C2B51F5

Build date : 20/06/2006 [ cant remember the date for sure]

IF the addon is for windows 64 bit PLEASE say so , there is nothing wrost than trying to use a 64bit program on a 32 bit OS :)

[ info on the post , about the program , so on info]

if you going to ask why i put VLC in caps

VLC = VideoLan Cilent , its a shorten name of the program and whats it called a lot :)


post titles : please do not use

Please help

please read

Please Look

or anything on them lines its not a good post and its time wasting

should be like

[req] VLC player ver 0.85


no bump's

no please help if no one has help

-> this could be that no one knows howto use xzy or the person who does has not seen your post yet

anything else i need to say ?

please me know

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Hi I can't find addons which content all .NET frameworks,I won't integrate with nlite but it doesn't exist(or if it exist I please link)

thx can me sb help?


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windows xp drivers for my mini2133

please dont post the same request in multiple threads....read the forum rules


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net framework 2.0....ONLY

i already have the AIO 1/2/3

but i would love to have just nfw 2.0


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I tried to make few addons but i give up... not working.

Still waiting for someone to post net framework 2.0 addon.


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i want windows installer 4.5 turkish addon which is include this update


thank you

(i know that nlite can integrate this but i want to change windows installer 3.1 to 4.5 directly)


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