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Kiki Burgh

JIT debugger

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i'm getting intermittent JIT debugger issues when using the final ver ...

here are the screenshots (my apologies but i used .gif so it's not that clear :o)

(nLite1.gif) No registered JIT debugger was specified

(nLite2.gif) Application has generated an exception that could not be handled

these are the things i did to see if i could circumvent the issues:

(1) uninstalled the app

(2) removed all remaining entries from the registry

(3) reinstalled the app

(4) reinstalled a fresh copy of XP in a different partition

(5) worked w/ a fresh source

RC8 didn't give me the same concerns ...

i think the final ver is more strict in terms of using a fresh source ... that is not adding &/or removing folders yet until getting to the portion where explore/browse is an option prior to ISO creation ... if i did, nLite quits on me ...




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