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nlite used to update support/tools directory etc?

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mikesw    0


While I'm rebuilding the OS CD disk, I might as well rebuild the whole thing including all the other stuff

as much as possible. :P

Why doesn't Nlite have builtin support for updating files in the /support/tools and /valueadd/msft/usmt

directory so that one can update them with newer versions. I see that RyanVM doesn't

include some of these too.

I.E /support/tools/

MSRDPCLI.exe new version for download is v6.0.2600.0. My version is v6.0.2448.

ACT20.exe new version for download is v4.1 with v5.0beta available too.

If one does properites on the ACT20.exe file, it says its "installshield" whereas if one

goes to MSoft's site, for "Application Compatibility Toolkit" it doesn't mention "Installshield".

Moreover, the download file is a ".msi" file and not ".exe". Another tool is KB294403 "Grabmi.exe"

ACT41 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en

FASTWIZ.exe "Files and Transfer Wizard"

my version with SP2 is 6.0.2448. IS there a "NEWER" version out? I can't locate

the download link. Moreover, per this KB304903 which is dated 2001 it lists

the settings that can be migrated. Of course the listed apps will be out-of-date and

incomplete. Things have changed alot since then.


USMT.MSI "User State Migration Tool" currently v2.6.1 is ready for download.

Note: v2.6 does alot of the older Windows version i.e. Win95 whereas

v2.6.1 doesn't do the discontinued Windows versions put does win XP x64 too.

Note2: In v2.6.1 there are two different msi files: one for AMD and one for Intel.

Why two different ones? I assume if one has an AMD processor, the Intel

one should work. However, in v2.6 there is only one msi file. I guess in

v2.6.1 it needs to support the x64 bit extensions between AMD and Intel

for the Win XP x64 OS...?

Note3: Is it correct that USMT is used to migrate one i.e. from Win95 to WinXP

during the installation process of WinXP? If true, then these files need

to be ugraded to at least V2.6. If v2.6.1 is used, it may not let one upgrade

from i.e. Win95 to WinXP since these older versions aren't supported now.

One will have to check the *.inf files for what's in them.

Moreover, if I don't want i.e. the old acrobat reader v5.0 migrated when

updating from Win95 to WinXP, then I'd modify the .inf file so that it isn't

migrated. Thus, during the install of WinXP, I can use the latest Acrobat

reader 7.0.8. The same applies to the other applications too!

Probably could use some NLITE options to prevent or allow various

Win95,Win98,WinNT, etc... applications from migrating during WINXP

upgrade. This eliminates alot of hand editing/jamming of the *.inf

files in the Win9XMig subdirectories and others too.

USMT261 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en

gbunicnv.exe "GB unicode converter" I have v1.0.0.1

The gbunicnv.exe is part of the GBEXTSUP.MSI package. One will have to

extract it from this MSI file. Is there a need for the other files in this MSI file?

GBEXTSUP10 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en

Other files are , but version unknown and were to get the updates for them all:






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Alanoll    0

because you could just as easily update them yourself?

because both nLite and the Update packs update the I386 FOLDER and not outside of them?

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nuhi    10

mikesw, great info, thanks.

Going to review it and if it seems useful I'll do it.

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