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Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

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Auto-Patcher for Windows 98 SE (English)

Hi there, those that are new to this project, please skip down to the What is Auto-Patcher for Windows 98se? section.

Latest News:

Aug 13, 2009: There is no zip file currently available of the program files. In order to 'get' at the files inside the installer, simply run the installer, choose a place to put the files and then start the 'installation'. Once all the files are copied over, copy the program files to another location, and then uninstall the program as normal. No registry entries are created apart from the uninstall keys (which are deleted after you uninstall. Please have a look at the shortcuts created for the program BEFORE uninstalling to find out which files start the program.

Dec 17, 2008: The Upgrade to December 2008 is now available. You will need the December 2007 final files already installed.


Edited by MDGx: added mirrors: here + here.

Latest Upgrade version:

December 2007 Final to December 2008 UPGRADE:

download link [old link = now invalid ;-(]

Size: 45.36 MB

MD5: 326313710CED36DEB721A72325E142BA

Latest full version:

December 2007 Final FULL:

download link [old link = now invalid ;-(]

Size: 286.46 MB

MD5: 10107332C30837B2837BF90513A22CD0

Edited by MDGx:


For those who would like to extract the files without installing, please use Innounp (free GPL).

Auto-Patcher installer executables were compiled using Inno Setup (freeware).

shameless plug: if you liked the program (or even if you disliked it) please give it a rating on Softpedia by going here:


Note: if the SoftPedia site seems to be down, go to the Download.com site instead and vote for it there!

What is Auto-Patcher for Windows 98se?

Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) was released in 1999, and since then many component updates and critical security hotfixes have also been released. Also, in July of 2006 Microsoft stopped support for Windows 98, and vulnerabilities discovered since then have not been officially patched. So, whatever state your computer is currently in, you can use this program to do all the patching for you. Auto-Patcher includes every update that has been released by Microsoft and every unofficial update posted on the Microsoft Software Forum Network. This program will work on any existing Windows 98 SE (English) system and will still only install updates if your computer is missing them. If you want to know what Auto-Patcher thinks is missing, there is a report function available that will compile a list of all missing updates. Please note: this is an MS-DOS based program that uses batch file scripting to perform all the updates.

Auto-Patcher features:

* one-click to start the program, and one-button to fully auto-patch your system, or

* updates and hotfixes are grouped into selectable modules with further options available within each.

* only install updates you are missing (default setting)

* report function: search for missing updates and send to text file for viewing. Also tells you what is already installed.

* every Auto-Patcher process is logged with timestamps & hotfix version information. Verbose (or debug) mode also available that logs more.

* option to force re-installation of updates already installed (NOT the default setting)

* to fully patch a freshly installed Window 98 machine, many reboots are required. If the process is interrupted, recovery is available as a menu option

Auto-Patcher contents: see link above



Edited by MDGx
Added mirrors + FYI (innounp + InnoSetup).

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:thumbup this is a brillant idea petr .we have all seen autopatcher for 2000/xp and i have often wonder why noone applied this to win98 .i guess it made more sense to follow the wave and stick with the current os outthere but after years of using 9x etc i find the majority of users just want a 98se thats completely up 2 date ie6 dx9 wmp 9 etc.and if it could be done on one iso the better.i think us regulars in here who are mod and tweak savy forget the many who are not and cant figure out the sometimes complex tasks of building a a bootable cd or a 98 cd with apps which install after setup unattented.Im rather familar with nlite and have made many cds so this i can understand.and if this is the final chapter on 98se then this would be a crowning achevement a complete up 2 date 98se. best of luck..

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Does Autopatcher's exe work in Win9x? I've never checked it out... if it does, I'd be willing to create modules for this project, as I've already started...

The Win9x Power Pack was going to initially be an Autopatcher-like installer, but in the end, I just wanted to get it released as quickly as possible. I realize that it would probably benefit me and everyone else to have it set up as easily as Autopatcher's interface.

I assume that this project would superceed the Power Pack, as it can have full registry-checking, and various other enhanced features. In other words, I'm ALL FOR THIS.

So, when do we start?



:thumbup this is a brillant idea petr .

Might want to re-read that. :D

Edited by jimmsta

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Does Autopatcher's exe work in Win9x? I've never checked it out... if it does, I'd be willing to create modules for this project, as I've already started... So, when do we start?

We have already. :sneaky: With regards to the internals of the autopatcher, i can help by providing all the info I've collected since I started this project (i.e lots of info about checking the registry for which updates have already been applied, etc) but I'm not so useful in terms of hardcore software coding. But i'm sure our combined skills plus everyone else who visits these forums will get it done in the end.

I'd suggest trying to build my project as it is, and running it in VMware to see how it runs. The code files as they are have a couple of bugs but nothing that will stop you from seeing what we have so far. I could also make up a logic tree that outlines the processes that make up how the project runs itself. Because I only use batch files, and nothing else, there's a lot of rebooting that needs to happen and I'm not sure how to go about upgrading this aspect. At one stage I had the critical updates installing in 4 sections, but I got this down to just the one run.

Anyway, my question is: where do we start? :P


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:hello: it sound like making a ghost image of a full updated 98se and then maybe using xcopy to move it on 2 the hardrive might work as well.theres probably a few related ideas.

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It would be VERY COOL to use your autopatcher as a sort of system restore: checking everything.



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It would be VERY COOL to use your autopatcher as a sort of system restore: checking everything.

I could make a system report function pretty easily. When using the 'Upgrade' component (the autopatcher part) the first thing the CD does is search for everything. The only thing it doesn't do right now is tell the user the results of the scan. I could output it pretty easily without too much extra work.

But please understand, as it stands, IT ALREADY can be used as a "system restore, checking everything." What are you waiting for, build the project already! The only difference between the one available now, and the one we're discussing about building is how updated your operating system will be. Currently it will get you to October 2005, so not a waste of time building the old version IMHO.


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Well, I'll create the Unofficial Patches modules. I think releasing the Win9x Power Pack as a Module in this project would be great. I'm happy to do the research needed for such things.


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Well, I'll create the Unofficial Patches modules. I think releasing the Win9x Power Pack as a Module in this project would be great. I'm happy to do the research needed for such things.

Excellent. Please either PM me or post to the forum what you think of the existing 'methods' i use -- in particular the method for installing everything using a batch file routine. The problem with a routine is trying to ensure it doesn't break down and leave the user hanging. I've already discovered a way to do this and I'm already not totally happy with my methods. To be fair, you had to try really really hard to stuff things up.

I may as well explain how: I choose to install the custom version and then just before setup started, rebooted and choose to install the vanilla version instead. Because there were still marker files relating to the custom version, the vanilla version routine broke down. This has now been fixed but there are probably many more examples like this if we tried hard enough to find them. So feedback on the existing methods is pretty important IMHO.


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Honestly, I've been using batch files for a long time... I learned computers on DOS 3.3 & 5.0, at a young age - but I'm trying to get away from batch files as well. In my "BHT" utility cd, I chose to use a batch-file based update utility. I offer the user NO options. It's pitiful. I'm trying to get away, but cannot, as the next patch for that is ENTIRELY made up of batch files that download the parts of the patch...

I'm not even too sure as to whether I'm missing the mark on this project. You want to automate the patching process with Autopatcher, correct?

In any case, I've got a fresh install of Win98SE in VMWare, and will begin module creation after installing ERUNT and a few other registry tools.



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OK, rather than spring this on everybody and then have to do lots of work to get it from alpha to beta, I thought I'd post the theoretical plan of attack and worry about actual bugs after the beta release. Because I'm sure I've got a few things wrong :)

But first, what I want to know is which hotfixes are current and which are obsolete. I swear, the number of red herrings I've had in the last few weeks --- it's been driving me crazy. There are sites all over the place offering the most obscure hotfixes that *just* might add another fix for Win98se. I know I should ignore them but my curiosity always gets the better of me. THe last treasure trove I stumbled upon yielded a few hotfixes I'd never heard of, but also heaps that have been made obsolete, and not just recently. Eventually I want to create the Official Confirmed Obsolete Hotfix Thread so please add your research to this thread for all to benefit from.

Here is my current hotfix text file where I store all pertinent update info. If anyone wants to have a look and see if there are any obsolete, or where the info is wrong, that would be great. The Index is:


SECTION 1 - the master list of hotfixes

SECTION 2 - updates I think i need but don't have

SECTION 3 - Old hotfixes not needed anymore

SECTION 4 - Checks for each install

SECTION 5 - Direct URLs for hotfixes (only some)

+ +
+ Windows 98se updates list -- as of Octoboer 12, 2006 +
+ +

SECTION 1 - the master list of hotfixes
SECTION 2 - updates I think i need but don't have
SECTION 3 - Old hotfixes not needed anymore
SECTION 4 - Checks for each install
SECTION 5 - Direct URLs for hotfixes (only some)

SECTION 1 - the master list - newest to oldest

kb925486 - 2006 Sep 26 - Vulnerability in Vector Markup Language Could Allow Remote Code Execution (unofficial)
kb920670 - 2006 Aug 08 - Unofficial Hyperlink Object Security Vulnerability Fix
kb919587 - 2006 Aug ?? - Unofficial MSXML 3.0 SP7 Update
DXMedia6 - 2006 Jun ?? - Unofficial DirectX Media (DXM) 6.0 Update for Internet Explorer 6.x
kb918547 - 2006 Jun 08 - Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution
kb918439 - 2006 Jun 08 - Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1
kb917734 - 2006 JUn 08 - Vulnerability in Windows Media Player Could Allow Remote Code Execution
kb917344 - 2006 Jun 08 - Vulnerability in Microsoft JScript Could Allow Remote Code Execution
kb916528 - 2006 Apr ?? - Unofficial Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 sp1 update
kb916281 - 2005 Jun 08 - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 sp1
kb913433 - 2006 May 08 - Vulnerabilities in Macromedia Flash Player from Adobe Could Allow Remote Code Execution
kb913296 - 2006 Jan ?? - Jet 4.0 data engine update fixes for various issues
kb911562 - 2006 Apr 08 - Security Update for Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 Service Pack 1
kb910906 - 2005 Jun ?? - A program may crash when using the Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
kb908519 - 2006 Jan 08 - Vulnerability in Embedded Web Fonts Could Allow Remote Code Execution
OleUp240 - 2005 Dec ?? - OLE Automation Libraries 2.40.4522 update
kb904706 - 2005 Oct 11 - Vulnerability in DirectShow Could Allow Remote Code Execution
USBmte - 2005 Aug ?? - USB, 1394, & Mass Storage Device Driver Package for Windows 98 update
98Updsys - 2005 Apr 15 - Unofficial Windows 98 SE Updated CPU Microcode (UPDATE.SYS)
kb896358 - 2005 Jun 14 - HTML Help Could Allow Remote Code Execution
kb893627 - 2005 Mar ?? - Group policies are not applied to a computer that has IE6sp1 installed
kb892211 - 2005 Jan 24 - Software Update for Web Folders
kb891781 - 2005 Feb 08 - DHTML Editing Component ActiveX Control Could Allow Remote Code Execution
kb891711 - 2005 Jan 11 - Cursor and Icon Format Handling Could Allow Remote Code Execution
KB891122 - 2005 Jan ?? - Unofficial update for Windows Media Digital Rights Management-enabled players
Rootsup - 2005 ??? ?? - Roots Certificate Update
Unicows - 2004 Dec ?? - Microsoft Layer for Unicode version 1.1.3790.0
kb888113 - 2005 Feb 08 - Hyperlink Object Library Could Allow Remote Code Execution
kb873374 - 2004 Sep 14 - Buffer Overrun in JPEG Processing (GDI+) Could Allow Code Execution
kb870669 - 2004 Jul 02 - Disable ADOB Stream in Internet Explorer
LC3codec - 2005 Jan 28 - WMP 10 for Windows XP MP3 codec for WMP9 & WMP7
kb840315 - 2004 Jul 12 - Vulnerability in HTML Help Could Allow Code Execution
kb837009 - 2004 Aug 06 - Cumulative Update for Outlook Express 6 sp1
RichEd9x - 2004 Mar 07 - Unofficial Windows 95/98/ME Rich Text Edit Controls Update
VS6SP6U - 2004 Mar 07 - Unofficial Visual Studio 6.0 SP6 Components
98TShoot - 2003 Dec 01 - Unofficial Windows 98/98 SP1/98 SE HTML Help Troubleshooting Guide Fix
kb823559 - 2003 Jul 08 - Buffer Overrun In HTML Converter Could Allow Code Execution
kb817855 - 2003 Mar 28 - Java Runtime Does Not Initialize the WMP9 OCX Control in Netscape Navigator
kb817787 - 2003 May 07 - Flaw in Windows Media Player Skins Downloading could allow Code Execution
kb816093 - 2003 Apr 09 - Flaw in Microsoft VM Could Enable System Compromise
kb811630 - 2003 Feb 05 - HTML Help Update to Limit Functionality When It Is Invoked with the window.showHelp() Method
q329115 - 2002 Sep 04 - Certificate Validation Flaw Could Enable Identity Spoofing
q329048 - 2002 Oct 22 - Unchecked Buffer in File Decompression Functions Could Lead to Code Execution
q323455 - 2002 Sep 30 - Directory Services Client Update for Windows 98
q323255 - 2002 Oct 02 - Unchecked Buffer in Windows Help Facility Could Enable Code Execution
q323172 - 2002 Aug 28 - Flaw in Certificate Enrollment Control Could Allow Deletion of Digital Certificates
q320920 - 2002 Jun 26 - Cumulative Patch for Windows Media Player 7.1 (only if WMP 7.1 is installed and WMP 9 isn't)
Q319571 - 2002 Apr 10 - Keyb.com and Jkeyb.sys Detect Non-US Enhanced Keyboards as AT Style Keyboards
q314941 - 2001 Dec 20 - Unchecked Buffer in Universal Plug and Play can Lead to System Compromise
q314147 - 2002 Feb ?? - An Unchecked Buffer in the SNMP Service May Allow Code to Run
q313829 - 2002 Mar 07 - Unchecked Buffer in Windows Shell Could Lead to Code Execution
q311561 - 2001 Dec 01 - MS-DOS Does Not Properly Process Hard Disk Hardware Errors
q310695 - 2001 Nov 07 - DVD Player Program Cannot Access Data
q309081 - 2001 Nov 95 - An Infrared Fax Modem or Mobile Phone with Data Features May Not Be Installed Correctly
q306453 - 2001 Sep 26 - You Receive a Bugcheck in Usbhub.sys When You Remove or Add a USB Device
q293818 - 2001 Mar 22 - Erroneous VeriSign-Issued Digital Certificates Pose Spoofing Hazard
q290831 - 2001 Mar 14 - SRB_FUNCTION_SHUTDOWN Requests Not Sent to SCSI Miniports During Shutdown
q288430 - 2001 Mar 08 - Laptop Computer Hangs During Docking or Undocking
q278368 - 2000 Dec 20 - Memory Leak in Atmuni.sys
q277628 - 2000 Dec 20 - Last Access and Creation Time "Error 5 Access Denied" bug
q275873 - 2000 Oct ?? - Sleep Button and Power Button Have the Same Functionality
q274370 - 2000 Sept ?? - Error Message on a Blue Screen When You Try to Play Digital CD Audio
q274175 - 2000 Nov 10 - Error Message Opening or Copying File from Folder Eight Levels Deep on CD-ROM
q274113 - 2000 Oct 20 - Patch for WebTV for Windows Announcement Listener Vulnerability
q273991 - 2000 Oct 10 - Share level password
q273727 - 2000 Oct 11 - Malformed IPX NMPI Packet Vulnerability
q273017 - 2000 Sep 20 - IDE Hard Drive Cache Package
q272621 - 2000 Sept 09 - Negative Hard Disk Free Size Reported on Virtual Memory Tab in System Properties
q272137 - 2000 Sept ?? - GetShortPathName() Does Not Work When It Is Passed a Long File Name from A Novell NetWare Server
q269601 - 2000 Aug 09 - Quick Fix Package for WavePci (KB 242937)
q269239 - 2000 Aug ?? - NetBIOS Vulnerability May Cause Duplicate Name on the Network Conflicts
q263044 - 2000 ??? ?? - Fdisk Does Not Recognize Full Size of Hard Disks Larger than 64 GB
q259728 - 2000 May 19 - IP Fragment Reassembly security vulnerability
q259253 - 2000 Feb 15 - ACPI Computer with Anti-Virus Software Installed Stops Responding When You Restart Computer
q257360 - 2000 Jul 19 - ACPI Compliant Computer May Hang on Resume from S1 State
q256015 - 2000 Mar 17 - "DOS Device in Path Name" Vulnerability
q253697 - 2000 Mar ?? - USB Enumeration Problems with OpenHCI Controller on Fast Computers
q250876 - 2000 Mar ?? - Print Queues May Appear Offline If Connection Number Equals 255
q250514 - 2000 ??? ?? - Access Violation in Spoolss.dll When Submitting Two Direct Print Jobs on the Same Printer
q249824 - 2000 Mar 15 - VOLTRACK Is Erroneously Unloaded After 255 Device Additions and Removals
q249635 - 2000 ??? ?? - USB Driver Uses the Largest Supported Report Size
q249146 - 1999 ??? ?? - Sounds May Be Disabled Using PlaySound API with USB HID Devices Present
q245729 - 1999 Nov 19 - File Access URL Vulnerability (superceeded by q323455 but still installed)
q245682 - 2000 ??? ?? - IDE Controller Is Disabled in Device Manager If Secondary IDE Channel Is Disabled in the BIOS
q245065 - 2000 ??? ?? - Automatic Repeat Does Not Work for USB Keyboard After Suspend/Resume
q243199 - 2000 Apr 20 - Windows 98 Second Edition Problems with NDIS Intermediate Drivers
q242939 - 1999 Sep 27 - Legacy Parallel Devices May Not Respond After Resume
Q242161 - 1999 Sep 21 - Creating a View of a File May Leak Pages of Memory
q241084 - 1999 Sep 08 - Computer Hangs Entering ACPI S4 Mode with a USB Device Connected
Q241052 - 2000 Feb 14 - Message Box Displays Browse for Password Synchronization
Q240075 - 1999 Aug 20 - USB Devices May Not Work in Windows 98 Second Edition
q239887 - 1999 Dec 01 - Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement
q239696 - 1999 Dec 01 - Hang Returning from Suspend in Low Memory Situations or High Disk Activity
q238453 - 1999 Nov 29 - Spoofed Route Pointer Vulnerability
TelnetUp - 1999 Sept 09 - Buffer overrun in Telnet in Windows 95/98 poses a security risk (q240163)
2-4-date -1999 Sep ?? - 2 to 4 Digit Date Conversion Tool
q236926 - 1999 Aug 29 - TCP/IP May Retransmit Packets Prematurely

SECTION 2 - hotfixes I think are needed but I don't have
kb912452 - 2005 Dec 10 - You cannot enter full-screen mode on a second instance of the Windows Media Player ActiveX control

SECTION 3 - old hotfixes not needed anymore.
q242975 - 1999 Dec 22 - 1394 Storage Supplement (superceeded by usbmte)
q243450 - 2000 Mar 10 - ScanDisk Errors on IDE Hard Disks Larger Than 32 GB (superceeded by unknown)
q249973 - 2000 ??? ?? - Default RTF File Viewer Interrupts Normal Program Processing (superceeded by RichEd9x)
q260067 - 2000 May 22 - Mapped Drives Shutdown Update (superceeded by usbmte)
q274548 - 2001 May 24 - Patch for "HyperTerminal Buffer Overflow" Vulnerability (superceeded by unknown)
q276602 - 2000 Dec 22 - Device Manager Reports Code 10 for Device & Does Not Assign an Available IRQ ("" by usbmte)
q293793 - 2001 Mar 30 - Exception 0E in Vredir error messages when you open network files (superceeded by q323455)
kb814078 - 2003 Mar 19 - Flaw in Windows Script Engine Could Allow Code Execution (Java Script 5.6)
KB833989 - 2004 Sept 14 - Microsoft VGX Update (superceeded by kb917344)
KB883586 - Microsoft VGX Update (superceeded by kb917344)
kb885492 - 2005 Feb 08 - Vulnerability in PNG Processing Could Allow Remote Code Execution (superceeded by kb917734)
scr56en - 2003 Feb ?? - Windows Script 5.6 (is this superceeded by kb917344?)

SECTION 4 - oldest to newest
- these are the checks for each hotfix. I've just copied them from the code file so please excuse the code!!
- if there is only one check variable, if the file or registry key exists, the hotfix is installed.
- if there are two check variables, the second check value (Chec2) is checked to see if the value can be found compared to the first Check. Either it is a registry key, or the size of a file. It should be obvious which is which just from these notes. In one case (q249824), the value checked is actually the date because there is no other known method (AFAIK)

SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\WIN98.SE\236926UN.INF
SET CHECK=HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International
SET CHEC2=/yyyy
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\WIN98.SE\238453UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\239696UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\WIN98.SE\239887UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\241052UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\inf\qfe\Win98.SE\241084UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\inf\qfe\Win98.SE\242161UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\Win98.se\242939UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\Win98.se\242939UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\Win98.SE\242928UN.INF
(yes, 242928UN is correct - It is not 245065UN)
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\245682UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\245729UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.se\249146UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.se\249635UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\iosubsys\voltrack.vxd
SET CHEC2=05-07-05
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\250514UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\250876UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\253697UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\256015UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\257360UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\259253UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\259728UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\263044UN.INF
:q269239 (yes the check setting is correct - 264650 is really kb269239)
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\264650UN.INF
:q269601 (this is actually KB242937)
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Updates\W98.SE\UPD269601
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\272137UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\272621UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\273017UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\273727UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\273991UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\274113UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\274175UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.se\274370UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\275873UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\277628UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\278368UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\288430UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\290831UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\verisignpub1.crl
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{EF289A85-8E57-408d-BE47-73B55609861A}
SET CHEC2=8,0,2195,0
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\306453UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\309081UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\310695UN.INF
:q313829 (still under review)
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\shel95.dll
SET CHEC2=1,388,816
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Updates\W98\UPD314147
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Updates\W98\UPD314941
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\319571UN.INF
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Updates\Windows Media Player\wm320920.1
(don't worry this also has a dependency check for Wmp 7.1 and an incompatibility check for Wmp 9)
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\323172UN.INF
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Updates\W98\UPD323255
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\DsClient.INF
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Updates\W98\UPD329048
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Updates\W98\UPD329115
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\java.inf
:kb817787 (this also has a dependency check for Wmp 7.1 and an incompatibility check for Wmp 9)
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Updates\Windows Media Player\wm817787
:kb817885 (this also has a dependency check Wmp 9)
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\wm817885.inf
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98.SE\823559UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\Q837009.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\840315UN.INF
SET CHECK=Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\{00000566-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4}
SET CHEC2=00000400
SET CHEC2=234,760
SET CHECK=%windir%\help\TSHOOT.OCX
SET CHECK=%windir%\SYSTEM\Richtx32.ocx
SET CHEC2=212,240
:LC3codec (this also has a dependency check Wmp 9)
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\GdiDetectionTool
SET CHEC2=00000001
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\888113UN.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\unicows.dll
SET CHEC2=258,352
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Updates\Windows Media Player\KB891122
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\891711UN.INF
SET CHECK=Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
SET CHECK=%windrive%\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web folders\pkmws.dll
SET CHEC2=80,448
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\IEDKCS32.DLL
SET CHEC2=299,008
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\KB896358.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\IEDKCS32.DLL
SET CHEC2=299,008
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\KB896358.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\system32\drivers\usbstor.sys
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\KB904706.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\olepro32.dll
SET CHECK=164,112
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\KB908519.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\msxbde40.dll
SET CHEC2=355,032
SET CHECK=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DataAccess
SET CHEC2=2.81.1124.0
SET CHECK=%windir%\SYSTEM\mswstr10.dll
SET CHEC2=621,272
SET CHECK=%windir%\inf\Q916281.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\sqlsrv32.dll
SET CHEC2=438,272
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\jscript.dll
SET CHEC2=465,864
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\Q918439.INF
SET CHECK=%windir%\INF\QFE\W98\%FILES%.inf
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\proctexe.ocx
SET CHEC2=76,288
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\msxml3.dll
SET CHEC2=1,049,088
SET CHECK=%windir%\system\hlink.dll
SET CHEC2=72,704
SET CHECK=%windrive%\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VGX\vgx.dll
SET CHEC2=2,286,080



OK, here's some info about the autopatcher:

What does it do?

I'll let the batch file options speak for themselves

echo. Please choose one of the following options:
echo. Press S to search for all possible installations (default)
echo. Press U to only search for system updates
echo. Press T to only search for 3rd party applications
echo. Press A to immediately fully autopatch this computer
echo. Press I to read more information about Autopatching (goto :MoreInfo)


* Press S to search for all possible installations (default):

Much like the other Autopatchers, mine for Windows 98 has what I consider to be essential add-ons like Mozilla Firefox, 7-Zip, and others included in the install options. So this options searches for everything.

* Press U to only search for system updates:


* Press T to only search for 3rd party applications


* Press A to immediately fully autopatch this computer

Well, this is the big one. More info below...

echo. The autopatch modules will only install the necessary
echo. files after searching via a variety of methods if the
echo. updates have previously been applied. The list is:
echo. + Windows Installer v2
echo. + Old Hotfixes Pack (includes 36 hotfixes)
echo. + Internet Explorer 6 sp1 (includes 13 hotfixes)
echo. + DirectX 9.0c (includes 1 other hotfix)
echo. + Windows Media Player 9 (includes 7 hotfixes)
echo. + Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 sp1 (plus hotfixes)
echo. + Microsoft Jet 4.0 Database Engine sp8 (plus hotfixes)
echo. + New Hotfixes Pack (includes 14 hotfixes)
echo. + Win98-2-ME (the core of it only)
echo. + .Net Framework 2.0
echo. Press any key to return to the option menu...
PAUSE >nul

I am still undecided exactly how to go about the full autopatching. Some questions that come to mind:

* Do i provide an option to select only official hotfixes, with all the unofficial ones as a separate option?

* Should I separate the hotfixes into security patches and bug patches?

All feedback welcome and appreciated.


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Hey there 98ers,

I am extremely relieved to be able to finally announce the alpha release of the AutoPatcher for Windows 98se.

Download it from here:



http://mega-file.net/file.php?file=2a9f732...45c27cfdcfaf2b9 (much faster server)

See the first post of this thread for more info.

Edited by soporific

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If you look at how Gape's Unofficial 98SE Service Pack deals with Dialup Networking, you'll see that he doesn't use the installer. Even his info states that he just installs parts of it.

I think the problem might lie in the installation of Virtual Private Networking that Dialup Networking 1.4 installs. Since that invokes the Windows Setup to add drivers to Network Properties, then ask to restart Windows when it finishes, that might be the hold up.

So after Gape's pack is installed, you have Dialup Networking 1.4 installed. However you don't have the Virtual Private Networking installed in the Network Properties (which I've never needed anyway.)

In fact, when I used to install DUN 1.4 manually I used to then go into Add/Remove's Windows Setup and uncheck Virtual Private Networking. Otherwise it would interfere with my Cable internet connection.

Perhaps you could examine how Gape's pack installs DUN 1.4 and incorporate that into your Auto-Patcher.

Edited by Eck

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Eck, thanks for the tip, i'll look into it.

Ok, the Autopatcher may have a pretty major bug which i'm confirming now. The bug is giving heaps of false alarms about hotfixes looping thru installs ... in my effort to speed up the process I removed a pause from all the registry tests because it looked like I didn't need them ... that was on my work computer which is quite a bit slower than my home one ... and the lack of a pause is stuffing everything up on my super-duper fast machine ... so all those with a 'nighssss' system will probably be writing a rather lenghthy post telling me that every single install that uses a registry check fails the code. Don't waste your time, please. As soon as I can confirm whether or not this was the fault, i'll post again. Sorry about this!

EDIT: yep, that was the problem. And when I said 'pause', i meant 'delay' - there was a one second delay after a registry key was exported to a text file that I've put back in. Good news is you don't need to download another 140mb file. Its just 60kb.

Again, sorry if you got lots of 'loop thru' messages!

And another little bug caused the Hotfix pack no 4 module to not even run. :blushing:

so here's a combined update for the above two stupid mistakes


Edited by soporific

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Hi soperific,

First, this is an incredibly cool piece of software! I ran the alpha on a new 98SE setup, after installing a few of the items myself first. I run IE6SP1 from a Microsoft cd as in the future I can use the cd to install any needed languages, etc and Windows accepts the cd as the source for addin's like that. I also install DotNet 1.1, SP1, and 2.0 and the 2.0 Sec update before DirectX as then it will install the Managed Direct X files. I did use your extracted version as I hadn't saved the October version and wanted to install the thing only once (as things generally work better if only installed once.) I also install WMP 7.1 before WMP 9 as both the Bonus Pack and the WMP Encoder 7 only fully work properly if installed before WMP9. I also installed Motherboard and Video drivers before your pack, as well as the Maximus Decim MDAC updater.

It was fun watching everything zip through. I recieved no error messages though the whole process. After it was done, I proceeded to install some of the MDGx addon's and 98SE2ME, the WMP 10 Codecs, 98SE2XP, and the WMP10 for 9x MDGx pack's.

Now the problems. I believe I suffered from the Module 4 Pack not running, even though the messages made it seem that it did and I did get the Explorer.exe from MDGx's 98SE2ME installed by your Autopatcher.

I say this because following your pack Windows Update needed to install the following:

IE6SP1 KB833989

98 Sec Update KB918547

98 Sec Update KB917344

98 Sec Update KB891711

GDI Detection KB873374

IE Navigation Sound Update

Euro Conv Tool

Mapped Drives Shutdown Update.

I'm not certain about all the Module 4 stuff, but I did check and ScanFrag did not replace the original ScanDisk and Defrag and my 98SE Troubleshooter's are giving me the blank pages so I don't think TSHOOT98 was installed. I have doubt's about the Copy2GB patch as well as the version I have is 2224, not the 2226 version installed by the patch.

Your update patch (or the original one, when trying it again) does not run correctly on my computer. Out of Environment Space now appears (which it didn't when first run) no matter which way I try to run it. The first time I tried your update, that appeared, and also the message that your program needs to access the Windows System Files to run. I then tried extracting the update and right clicking the batch files and choosing the largest Environment Space on the memory tab. Since they wouldn't run that way, I used the update's setup again (which wouldn't complete) and then right clicked the Desktop's icon and adjusted it's Environment Space, as well as REMing out the 2 QuickTime Java lines in my system's AutoExec.bat. Then things would run (even though each box still reported Out of Environment) until trying to process. A box would report that it couldn't locate the FULLFILE.BAT (I think that's what it's called). I tried extracting the newer batch files over the ones in your folder but still got that error. Heck, after deleting ALL your stuff and trying to run the original I still got that couldn't find the fullfile error.

So it seems I can't rerun your patcher to get the updates installed that were missed the first time, or even run it at all now because of that fullfile error. I think having McAfee QuickClean 3's uni.exe running the first time I tried your update to the pack may have caused that unable to access the system folder error. That or the McAfee Firewall 4.02. On all further attempt's I was disconnected from the net and had all that McAfee stuff set to not run at startup and turned off (although uni.exe WILL start up whenever Windows starts up no matter what I set in the McAfee settings). If that QuickClean uni.exe thing is what was protecting the System folder I'll need to uncheck it in MSCONFIG if we can get your program to actually run, as anything protecting the System folder needs to be OFF since your pack restarts Windows alot. I really don't know what was interferring, but EVERYTHING was off when I initially installed your pack, and anytime (except the first time) I attempted running your update to the pack.

I believe that some Module 4 did initially run, but some things got installed and some didn't, even though it wasn't giving me any errors. My OLEAUT32.DLL is 2.40.4518, so I don't think that update was run as I think that is the version installed by IE6SP1.

I'll go and run some of these manually as I used to. I hope the problems running the update patch are within your program and not my computer, as I'd obviously prefer not to uninstall my security software just to run the updates. I'd rather they worked if I just turn the stuff off, please. McAfee is a pain to uninstall and install and update, etc. You have to go through hoops just getting all the program updates to run properly. What's neat is I have the latest 5100 engine and DAT's with the 4320 vxd allowing no Windows slowdown, so I'm fully up to date while using the last McAfee Home version that was really feature filled (7.03.6000.) At least, for 98. The newest version for XP (11) brought back much of what was missing in the Active X versions 8-10.

The only thing in my AutoExec, by the way, is my path statement:




Nothing is in my Config.sys.

Again, this thing is superb! I hope you can figure out how you or I can fix the rerunning of the patcher problem's.

This is installed on a real computer, not VMWare. It's on an 80GB partition. Right now the rest of the HD is a hidden by Partition Magic NTFS partition. I haven't yet installed XP (or Vista to my 2nd HD with a hidden NTFS partition) as I want to get 98SE sorted first. I prefer this to VMWare, even though I have that, as then I can use 98SE for Direct X gaming, Dos Mode gaming, DVD's, etc.

Also - Another problem. In System Information, when I click Internet Explorer, I get a blank page. And when I click File Versions, I get all the files listed as "file missing" except for IEXPLORE. Internet Explorer, OfficeXP, and Works 8.5 run fine though.

Just to report: I manually installed all the module 4 stuff except for the 98TSHOOT update (no need for the troubleshooters). So now I believe I'm all up to date. I still hope you can figure out why the patcher itself couldn't be run again successfully. And perhaps the System Information Internet Explorer files showing missing and the general IE page being blank there. Maybe that's just a result of one of the updates?

Edited by Eck

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Again, this thing is superb! I hope you can figure out how you or I can fix the rerunning of the patcher problem's.

Feedback, oh glorious feedback!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I was wondering if I had uploaded a complete lemon and was wasting my time with this project, so thanks for your nice words!!


** WMP71: - thanks for the tips and info re WMP71, I will do something similar with the WMP9 module - check to see if WMP71 is installed and install that first before moving on to v9. Ditto the .Net and DirectX modules.

** out of environment errors: - yes, these are the bane of my life. I will be much more thorough for the next release in doing 2 things - clearing variables before exiting batch files, and setting realistic environment spaces. I will also use a ENV space checker to control these errors, rather than let people just discover them for themselves and then are stuck because variables aren't being set.

** Windows update reports you still need updates: - it is my goal and philosophy to get to the point that Windows Update (WU) says you don't need any updates, so can others report on this as well. I will aim to have nothing more to install (according to WU) for the next release. Some of the hotfixes WU reports that you need have actually been superceeded by newer updates. So we install both the superceeded hotfix and the newer one at the same time to fool WU. I have already used this method for installing the following superceeded hotfixes:

- q238453 (installed with q269388), kb837009 (installed with kb911567), and kb916281 (installed with kb918899), although 916281 is being stubborn - this always comes up as still needing to be installed even when it definitely has. 918899 is the problem it seems. I also install both versions of kb918547 (the offical and the unoffical).

** Being barred from the system folder: - I don't know what's going on there - just so you know, the autopatcher is basically an automatic hotfix installer. If you manually ran each update and hotfix, you would get exactly the same result if you ran the autopatcher, except where the code says an update doesn't need to be installed, then the update is skipped. So, it seems there's not much I can do ... any info from others on this would be great.

YOu made a few other points but they were lost in your post a bit - if there's anything I've missed in my replies above, please restate the question, or clarify for me! Thanks again for the feedback, I was beginning to wonder ... about 70 people have downloaded this thing but they have all been silent so far. Cat got your tongue?

Edited by soporific

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Apart from folks here examining the code and recommending stuff to include, and examining code is beyond me, I think most are waiting until they actually have a need to reinstall 98SE before trying your pack or perhaps just waiting for other guinea pigs (like me!)

Regarding installing WMP 7.1 first, let me make it clear what I mean. If you're not going to use Windows Media Encoder there's no real reason. I install Windows Media Encoder 7.1 because the ATI Multimedia Center requires that pre-installed before the Multimedia Center is installed. By the way, I use the Catalyst 6.2 for 9x and MMC 9.08. I have the latest DVD decoder pre-downloaded from an XP install because the ATI downloader will not work on 98 anymore. You still use it to check for the required ATI cd and to install the DVD Encoder, but direct it to the setup.exe already on the computer. So I get the latest Cyberlink PowerDVD codec.

So to make it right, you'd also need to include Windows Media Encoder 7.1 to be installed following WMP 7.1, but before WMP 9. I also suggest you make WMP 7.1 a custom install and leave out the Adaptec Cd Burning plugin. That has issues. The Roxio one in WMP 9 fixed the problems so that one's okay. I've also heard that the file convertor that is in the WMP Bonus Pack causes issues so I now customize that install as well and leave that out.

I forgot to mention that I also install Windows 98 Resource Kit (the full version), System Policy Editor (from the Resource Kit Cd, forceASPI 1.7, and TweakUI after IE6 SP1, but before any Service Pack. This wasn't necessary with Gape's Pack since he includes those. Not the Resorce Kit, as that's just personal choice. I might as well have all the tools available.

As far as DotNet, there are people who don't want that installed so you might want to make that optional in some way, and the same with TweakUI or the ASPI drivers. 4.71.a2 can be installed by ForceASPI 1.8, but that newer version is buggy more times than not. Better off with the 4.6 version installed by ForceASPI 1.7. The ForceASPI installers are good because they install the registry entries needed for ATAPI cd drives. The ASPI drivers themselves are really only for SCSI drives and will make digital playback and cd burning broken if installed without the registry entries (like Adaptec's official installer does, it breaks things). And you must run DumpASPI and KillASPI before running INSTASPI, otherwise the files won't be replaced.

Gape's pack also offers a Windows 2000 color scheme, 256 color tray icons, and his Explorer.exe also changes the Recycle Bin, Network Neighborhood, and My Documents desktop icons to the Windows Me style. It was a little weird to wind up after installing your version with only the My Computer icon changed and the same old green desktop and the rest of the older 98 style icon's. It's kind of of a mixed decade theme! I'd rather you either left the My Computer icon alone or replaced them all with the Me style. It just looks weird with only one changed. Perhaps that's what your MDGx 98SE2ME installs if Gape's pack isn't installed first? Maybe you should let folks install 98SE2ME themselves since that changes quite frequently. This way they'll just install the latest one once. Since I didn't have the Windows Me cd in the drive, I just got the few things it automatically installed from your version then installed the latest one myself afterwards.

Like I said, I went back and extracted your pack, then installed all the module 4 stuff manually. You're right that it hadn't installed. As I said, I couldn't get the update to the Auto-Patcher to run. I used previously downloaded stuff from MDGx to be sure of a few of those. As I had let Windows Update install some of them, you're also correct that installing MDGx's unofficial versions puts the working files in and fools Windows Update since its version had already been installed.

Heh, the rest was just my babble about my current problems that might not be related to your pack. Not sure about System Information not showing anything when clicking on the Internet Explorer link. It should report the version and some other stuff. Then, when I click file versions it's supposed to show all the IE files and their versions but it just showing "file missing" for all except IEXPLORE.EXE.

That never happened to me before. Not sure if it's caused by something in your pack but it's just something I haven't seen before. Like I said, Internet Explorer works fine.

Try to read all that. I don't mean to be so long winded. I just have stuff to report! I don't know how else to do it without typing it. But you're not the first to tell me my paragraphs tire them out. Sorry.

Please keep at it. This was no failure! It worked fine (the first time, anyway) with the exception of it skipping over module 4.

Edit - It wouldn't help for those using non-Microsoft keyboards or mice but I also installed Intellipoint and Intellitype software before your pack as the Mouse fix is supposed to be installed after those.

I don't see how your pack could check to see if the system has Microsoft keyboard and mouse hardware so I don't think those would be a good addition to your pack.

Additional info - I needed to use this the IEBugfix from the 98 Upgrade Pack in order to fix extreme Explorer slowdown. That just installs the 2 files from IE 5.5 into the Windows folder and puts in a registry entry directing Explorer to use it. The newer files in the System folder are left alone.

If you extract his pack you'll find the fix in the w folder. It's really an unofficial type of thing but I couldn't run things smoothly without it. Things would slow down so much my system would freeze.

I tried to attach it but I guess this post is exceeding the length rules here.

Edited by Eck

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So to make it right, you'd also need to include Windows Media Encoder 7.1 to be installed following WMP 7.1, but before WMP 9.

thanks for the tip -- i went looking for the download on the M$ site but they've stayed true to form and discontinued offering it for download ... jeessus h mohammed .. Why, oh f**king why, do they have to make life hard? Don't they know we HATE them for this? But then...

... I found out about possibly the best site I've stumbled across this year (a big call for me) - http://www.filewatcher.com/ - all I needed to enter was the most likely filename, which I got easily from google and I got to this! - http://www.filewatcher.com/m/wmencoder71.e...524144.0.0.html

- far out I was happy!

I also suggest you make WMP 7.1 a custom install and leave out the Adaptec Cd Burning plugin. That has issues.
i'm on the case ...
As far as DotNet, there are people who don't want that installed so you might want to make that optional in some way, and the same with TweakUI or the ASPI drivers.

OK, the selectable modules function works a treat -- it was much easier than I thought, and the interface will be very quick to make choices -- actually it may even be faster than using a mouse to click little check boxes - the way it works is the default choices are shown and all you have to do is press the corresponding number to change the option ... actually, why don't I upload some screenshots ... hmmm, good idea, just a sec ...




there, now you can see for yourself - in the above example, I pressed 8 and the option changed - that's a good set of modules - just press S to start! The other modules (Net Framework, ASPI, Notepad replacement, the IE 5.5 browseui.dll fix) are being tested now and as I go it will be easier and easier to just whack in more options, hotfixes, and 3rd party freeware apps simply as modules that you can unselect at will.

version 1.5 alpha will be released soon!! Change log is currently:

- summary: the changes from 1.2 to 1.5 are significant !!

- a superior file version checking system has been devised that now handles this question of which file to install using a much better method - actually checking the file version numbers and performing arithmetic. there's probably an official way to do this, but stuff trying to decipher how to do that, i prefer the challenge of re-inventing the wheel over trying to understand what Microsoft is trying to tell me, anyday.

- the selectable modules function has been added. Its very quick to set which modules you want and then to start the install. I thought it was going to be harder than it turned out. (see screen shots above)

- I'm slowly changing over all the checks the program uses to see if an update needs to be applied. As i've said I've worked out my own system of checking for the newest file version when offered a choice during installation, which means the autopatcher won't go 'out-of-date' and be unusable (which it was until this point). I'm probably re-inventing the wheel, but then again the method is pure DOS which can be useful in some circumstances I can think of.

- many less reboots are performed due to exhaustive checking whether each hotfix needed it or not. There's still quite a few reboots, sorry but they seem to be needed, but only if you need the updates. A fully patched computer shouldn't install a single thing and won't reboot even once.

- a much better distribution of hotfixes into modules. (see screen shots above)

Edited by soporific

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Just a note to the screenshot, current DX9.0c is October 2006.



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Be sure to remove the obselete updates from ths pack.

Great package btw....


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Great package btw....

thanks for all your tips and info to-date!! and your kind words ...

Be sure to remove the obselete updates from ths pack.

sorry, but I couldn't resist this reply to the above!

-- you wouldn't happen to know anywhere I could find a list of obsolete hotfixes, do you? :sneaky:


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Great package btw....

thanks for all your tips and info to-date!! and your kind words ...

Be sure to remove the obselete updates from ths pack.

sorry, but I couldn't resist this reply to the above!

-- you wouldn't happen to know anywhere I could find a list of obsolete hotfixes, do you? :sneaky:

lol u alright with me :thumbup


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Just a note to the screenshot, current DX9.0c is October 2006.


I've released an updated package, here: http://repository.jimmsta.com/msfn/dx9cOct06.exe (approx 30MB).

It has been tested on Windows 98SE, and Windows ME machines. It contains 1 new file since the August release. All NT files have been stripped, to reduce the file size.


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I been waiting on it jimmsta


The old version had took a very long time to install

do you know why? Other than that great work


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