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Unofficial Cumulative SP 5.02.2195.17 for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000

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I updated information on my previous post about a few usp 5.02 Retro facts.

My Future USP's and Update Rolloup recommendations:

I recommend that both the 5.02 and the 5.1 usp's be continued through update rollup packages. No need to create full 200+ MB service packs, except maybe once per year. I believe that these update rollups should not have integration ability unlike Microsoft's rollups.

In the future, 5.1 should omit Windows Media player 9 but include:
1.) The WP9 codecs (Windows Media Format codec redistribution or wmfredist.exe) so that windows media player 2 can play more recent media.
2.) DX9 should be inluded in my opinion, but all the joy stick images should be ommitted to avoid excessive bloat. (Use hfslip's method as a reference on how to do this).
3.) Most users can beneifit from the inclusion of .Net 1.1 and 2.0 runtimes, but on another hand we can download and install these seperately. This would also be just another thing to patch and would increase the usp download size considerably. After all we still have a streamline usp 5.02. Is this worth it for the majority of W2K users? What do you all thing of adding .net runtimes to 5.1.

Is there anyone out there who still plans to create a sequal to usp 5.1?

Please do NOT add anything to USP 5.02, it's small; it's streamline, and serves a purpose if only security and critical updates are added. In fact I'd be very happy if no rereleases of 5.02 are created; I trust Gurglemeyer's last release. We just need regularly a released rollup package, and slip-streaming ability would be a plus. If Gurglemeyer is still alive, then only he needs to update it. I tend to favor a conservative, approach, becaue I enjoy stability and reliability and some production/professional situations require it.

Also, we also do not want too many usp's floating around to confuse people. A new USP every year (multiple builds are fine of course) might be appropriate for the next and last three years of Windows 2000.

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Yes, you are absolutely right.
Keeping USP 5.02 as it is is most valuable, I absolutely trust Gurgelmeyer about 5.02. B18's integrity. It isn't that he just collected the files, he fixed lots of registry errors (look in the very long thread were he reported his work from beginning of 2005 on) and other complications like the file-signing issue. Anyone who is not common with Gurgel's way of working would destroy this when trying to create an updated USP 5.02. Instead it would be useful to have the newer security fixes put up to a rollup package.

Please, ONLY Update Rollups for 5.02 B18 from now on (unless Gurgle comes back).

It would best if the update rollup package for 5.02 not have slipstreaming ability, because technically this would require it to be a service pack with just fewer files included. I say this because service packs and hf integration replaces the setup.hiv registry hive and inf files that contain registry entries and ontrol how w2k installs. Changing these can introduce bugs (gurgle found bugs that not even microsoft bothered to correct in sp4). Gurglemeyer once said that if he ever created an update rollup, the integration ability would be removed (probably because of this very reason). Creating a new service pack will create confusion and create too many platforms for future updates.

I can provide updated setup boot disks for 5.02 B18 is anyone wants them.

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Where can I download this? Is there a downloads section to this forum that Im not seeing?




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Are there dx9.0c , ie6 for w2k in the unofficial sp5?


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Please notice, that USP 5.02 Build 18 has been uploaded.

Thank you; I updated my post.