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microsoft zune

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mrspidersir    0

I two have a creative zen microphoto and it's really good. it doesnt have the style the ipod has but that dosnt matter cos it makes up for it with sound quality.

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bonestonne    0

my older sister has a zen microphoto, and i actually like it. hers is an 8 gig, which wouldn't really hold all my music [i'd need 20+ gigs] but i like it a lot more than iPods...for a number of reasons really..apple wanted to copywrite the word Pod, which didnt go so well, itunes [in general, i hate it] and lastly, the whole new interface. iPods might have games, alarms, stopwatches etc, but they really don't have the battery life, especially the video. 5 minutes of video almost cuts your battery life in half..plus, its an mp3 player, not youtube. i reserve mp3 players to music. maybe files for transfers at school/work, but primarily music. i have a tiny little 256mb mp3 player/flash drive that has about 40 songs on it, totalling 3 hours if i push it. i might remind you that i have over 2400 songs, all of them are legal, most of them are off CDs, some off itunes although $1 per song really doesn't go so hot with me, so i don't do it unless i absolutely have to. but even still, i don't use itunes as a player, i used it to get songs for my schools radio station [im the music director] and it was basically 14 bucks to the expense of almost everyone but me because i didn't really like most of the songs, but it shut people up.

the radio station even tried itunes for a day, and it totally went haywire. we're running 866MHz processors and special sound cards that have 1/4" output L/R for mixing. as good as it went, it didn't go so hot. itunes had issues with our sound card, the music sounded terrible, and the computer crashed over a dozen times, i didn't really keep track as to how many, but over ten. i'd rather use WMP. but i like winamp best, so thats what i do use :thumbup

my suggestion is to do what i do, and use ipods as 'external drives' and just have the computer recognize it as a USB device, drag and drop music, and forget the software. it works better that way :lol:

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prx984    0

i know this is kind of an old post, but it was in the new posts thingy lol

anyhoo, i use rockbox on my iPod. it not only sounds better, but i don't have to use itunes :D

plus, with rockbox, theres a lot of features which the iPod software should bloody well have. like 1, gapless playback and 2, a graphical EQ. how can you make a 300 dollar mp3 player that doesn't have a graphical EQ? my 50 dollar creative zen nano plus has one.

the iPod sounds a lot better now that i use rockbox on it, the bass is there and the highend hasnt been cut out. so its all good.

i'd buy an iPod video if i could get it in about 8 gb or so, maybe 10. friggin 30 and 80 gb is way too much for me. i have 6gb of music, so i don't need 30 gb, i don't understand how someone could have 80gb of music unless they actually had theyre own radio station.

i don't like the look of the Zune. its kinda plain/ugly imo. the iPod isnt much better, but i like the look of my nano a lot (its 9 months old and its mint condition ^_^)

i have since gone back to the original iPod software because there are some features i like, ie) better battery life and it can shut off properly now. other than that, i liked rockbox a lot better. the gapless playback and the EQ were my favourite 2 features. (if only an apple programmer would see this post)

anyway, im out.

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