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How to use the HTA in the WinPE?

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I got the OPK from the MS web site, then I read the introduction.

well , and I build a Winpe.

1. run mkimg.cmd with /pnp and /wim to build winpe image.(I use the windows xp sp2 CD)

2.then I use the buildoptionalcomponents.vbs with the /x /hta /wsh /d:/c:\winpe to add the support into the winpe, and I add the "oc.bat" into the "startnet.cmd" file.

3. I ran the oscdimg.exe to build the iso file.

At last, I use the VPC to test the iso file.

when the winpe start, I am the "x:\i386\system32", and I insert the "mshta.exe x:\bmpc\test.hta", but I can't get any error prompt or error No. , and the test.hta didn't run at all.

I saw the part of this forum, I saw some pros could run the HTA in the winpe. So, hope you could help me.

My e-mail is

Thanks A lot.


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did you copy the folder structure that buildoptionalcompents created to the folder that mkimg created the base pe structure in? if not do and try again.


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Hi, IcemanND. I try your suggestion again.

following is my command line.

1.mkimg.exe c:\wxp c:\winpev2 /pnp /wmi >> c:\log.txt

* I check the log, there are no error prompts

* I use the Window XP SP2 VLK (EN version) that I download it from MSDN web site.

* I use the OPK that is downloaded from MS web site, the name of file is ""

2.c:\winpeiso\winpe\buildoptionalcomponents.vbs /hta /wsh /x /d:c:\winpev2

* winpeiso is OPK iso file

3.I copy the "winpeiso\winpe" folder to "c:\winpev2"

4. c:\buildx86\oscdimg -bc:\buildx86\ -n c:\winpev2 c:\winpev2.iso

5. I insert the "oc.bat" to the "startnet.cmd" file

6. I use the VPC to test this iso file.

7. then I run the x:\examples\testhta.hta, I use the following command line.

* x:i386\system32\mshta.exe x:\examples\testhta.hta

*x:\examples\ x:\i386\system32\mahta.exe x:\examples\testhta.hta

fiannly, I also can't run the HTA files. I start the task manager, I found that the mshta.exe didn't run at all.

And I can't get any error prompt or error No.

But I noticed that in our forum, there are a lot of people could use the OPK to build the winpe, and they also could use the winpe run the HTA.

Is there any wrong step during my building the winpe ??

Hope you could help me.


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Good Morning Guys!

I find the other method to run the HTA.

In the past, I got a tool, "Pebuilder", and I found that it could support the HTA. this tool could build the pe and iso file with windows xp cd or file.

like windows pe, I need prepare some files for BartPE. I got the HTA plugins from the Pebuilder web site.

then, I test my HTA, great! I could run the HTA script, and this script could work smoothly.

following is the BartPE link:

Thanks a lot!


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