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Descriptions of components

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Nuhi, nLite is great, but the descriptions of components are lame. I am not sure for many components whether to keep or remove them, because the description mostly doesn't tell me what the heck a component is. I have a stand-alone home machine so I don't need networking components, but it is hard to tell from a description what can be removed and what not.

The descriptions really, and I mean really, need an improvement. Please make the descriptions more understandable for ordinary computer users.


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I hear you, most of them are just copied what MS said about them.
To tell you the truth it's extra boring for me and I don't see myself updating all that...also people who translate will also have a problem with the changes.

It's too many strings, maybe 400, and to list in every component for what would you need it is too much. nLite removals were always for power users and ordinary users shouldn't bother with it at all, they have other pages :)
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Please make the descriptions more understandable for ordinary computer users

Nothing against you, but I don't think "ordinary computer users" should be using nLite to remove components.
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Alright, that's it for the site for now. Now on to the next project....which could concievable replace the current site :)



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I think you can read the topic refer to what things to keep and what things to remove, it will help you a lot, or you just go through trial errors with VMWare
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I agree with both sides. But I have to say on some of the bigger sized items the descriptions can be a little better. I find myself wondering what those things work with in windows. It would be nice to have some of the info from that topic "what not to remove for some apps" added to nlite for MS app's. You cant possibly add info for 3rd party apps to nlite, there are simply to many but at least if someone was having trouble with a part of windows or office & nlite had that info that would be great.

Also how acurate are the sizes for the files in nlite. Are those a guess or the actual size of the componet removed? I have always wondered could something I remove actually be bigger then what it says there or smaller?




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This is only a suggestion but why not make this a community effort? If somebody know what a component is, what it does and what misses it then write it down (maybe a wiki created for nlite or something) in time with enough contributions, corrections and addendums nuhi could have a pretty comprehensive database to ctrl+c ctrl+v to nlite (or it could just remain a reference for all nlite users)

I'm not that learned in windows components (although I've perfected my nlite images to be perfectly usable and yet so small...) so don't expect me to take the iniciative :D It's just a suggestion.

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