Has anybody got any tutorials?

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Hey, ive been searching for awhile to get my hands on some tutorials for Alias MAYA 7.0 but i never seem to find any.

I'm trying to self teach myself about animation such as skeletons and so on...

If anyone has anything it would help so much.

peace out.


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Basic Nurbs Modeling

Model a Helmet

Modeling A Head using Nurbs-Poly Technique

Basic Curves

Spiral Modeling

Braid Modeling

Creating Smooth Wireframes with Maya

Modeling a Spaceship

Fish Modeling

Modeling a Webcam

How to make rounded corners with nurbs

Avanced Nurbs Modeling

Modeling a Speed Boat

Car Tire

Steering Wheel with Maya

Sport Car Seat

Car Wheel Rim

Circular Fillet and Trim Modeling

Its all in the Eyes

Basic Polygon Modeling

Tennisball Modeling

Twist Modeling

Advanced Polygon Modeling

Modeling an F1 Ferrari

Subaru WRX

Nissan 350's tutorial

Head Modeling

Ford Focus Tutorial

Terrains in Maya Part I

Terrains in Maya Part 2 - Sloping Terrains

Modeling Using Connect Poly Shape

Head Modeling Tutorial

Subdivision Surface Modeling

Modeling Head using Sub-Di Techniques

SubDivision Surfaces

Creating A 3D Ear

Head Modeling

Modeling of a Human

Rendering/Material Tutorials

Maya Rendering Techniques

Jittered Tiles

Maya & Mental Ray Volume Scattering

Mental Ray Depth of Field

Making Water Shader

Toon Shader

Glossy Reflections

A full tutorial for DGS shaders

Realistic Reflections - Fresnel and HDRI

Hand Texturing

Camer Projection

Painting on 3D Objects

Material & light tutorial

UV Mapping in Maya

Using Physical DOF lensshader

Human Skin Shading

Real HDRI with MR for Maya!

Non Photo Realistic Shading in Maya

Breath Vapor Simulation in Maya

Car Headlights / Misc Lamps

Mental Ray Caustics

Randomly Shuffled Texture Tiles

Animation/Rigging Tutorials

Simple Animated Chain Tutorial

Character Rigging Tutorial

Character Setup

Character Rigging - PDF file

Isolating bone Movement with Constraints

Basic Face Rig Tutorial

Animating Tank Treads

Creating Easily Animatable Tank Treads

Animating a Wheel

Rigging of Cane-Toad

Character Rigging for Maya

Rigging A Vehicle

Specific Tutorials

How to create DNA

How to create a Flower

gpExport - A Maya Exporter

solve non manifold polygonal boolean operations

NURBS- Artery with Maya

Mechanical Stairs

Low-Poly/SubD To Nurbs Conversion - A Tongue

Hydraulic Cylinder Setup

MEL - How to

Hair/Fur Tutorials

Using Softbodies and PaintFX to create dynamic hair

Digital Hair

Using Fur to create a "BrushStroke" effect

PaintFX Hair - Getting Started

Maya Fur: Adding Fur to the Tennisball

Dynamics/Particles Tutorials

Dynamics Tutorial


Websites With Various Tutorials


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Woot thanks m8. :P

This is the biggest help ever man, i owe you man.

thanks again.


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