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Bug when recompressing WIM with vLite 0.8

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There is a bug when recompressing install.wim files with vLite. vLite extends the EditionID Flag (/FLAGS "EditionID" parameter for imagex.exe) of the resulting install.wim with the string "(vLite)" - which makes these files work for every deployment option except for making an unattended cd/dvd.

If you want to use the install.wim with the setup on a DVD you have to adhere to some standards set by Microsoft vor the EditionID:

/flags "EditionID"

Specifies the version of Windows you are about to capture. The /flags value is required if you are going to re-deploy a custom Install.wim with Windows Setup. The straight quotation marks are required. This flag is not required if you deploy the image by using ImageX. Valid EditionID values include:










For the moment I help myself with a hex-editor and changing the stuff back to what I need in the install.wim, but it get's tedious if you have to do it over and over again.

Maybe you could implemt an option to make DVD-Installer compatible files in the next version.



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I thought that it checks for the ID in the image title, not description.

Thx for the info.


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While on this subject, how does vLite determine the edition, and therefore the features, of a particular image? When using a wim with more than one ultimate image (for instance), vLite refuses to recognise the edition of the other images - even when they are exact duplicates including the /flags parameter. Therefore, features paricular to that edition can not be selected for removal.


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I don't understand the question...you select which image to edit, why would it edit others too?

People also usually have one CD-Key thus rebuilding the image with only containing the selected OS is recommended.


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