[RunOnceEx] Windows Defender + Updater

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Windows Defender

RunOnceEx Switchless Silent Installer and CMD Installer Updater

It will esentially slipstream the Updated Defs from your PC into the WindowsDefender.exe Installer

Installer is updated with 1/31/2007 Spyware Definitions (you can take it from here on :))


MD5: 647C1552DB59609AD5C57E4287AF308A (Compressed)

Size: 6.38 MB (Compressed)

Note: TaskKill switch is Included with the installer and Not Required. MSAScui.exe will NOT launch :)


- Install Windows Defender

- Update Definitions

- Run CMD Installer Updater

- nJoy




- Updated CMD file (thanks to odyn1982 Sysinternals Addon Maker)

- Improoved Installer Compression (Reduced by more than 1 MB)

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Cool, I don't use RunOnceEx but I was in need of a silent insaller for Windows Defender and yours came up at the top of a search. It works great, thank you for your work on this. :thumbup


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