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Windows Experience Index problems

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Upon Installing Windows Vista Business OEM I had scores from the Windows Experience Index benchmark that rated my CPU a 3.6 and my Memory at 4.4 (Celeron 2.5Ghz and 1GB DDR400 RAM). About a week ago I refreshed this score and all scores where the same. Yesterday I decided to refresh the scores again and to my amazement the CPU and Memory parts of the benchmark had halved (CPU at 1.8 Memory at 2.2 the rest of the bechmarks remained the same - disk performace, video adapter etc.).

The only program I had installed in that time was an updated vista codec pack so I went back to my older version but this did not get my WEI scores back to how they were. I cant think of any other software installations or configuration changes I have made in that time that would affect the WEI so dramatically. I dont think it has affected much else in terms of actual performance, I was under the impression that my WEI base score being so low now meant that aero was going to be disbaled but it hasnt been.

Anyone seen similar WEI issues?

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