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ICS/ICF Connection doesn't work fully

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I am pulling out my hair on this one. Hope someone can help me.

I have a (normally) really easy setup with 3 PC's.

PC 1= Internet Gateway with winxp ICS/ICF over dialup

PC 2= Desktop as client

PC 3= Laptop as client

Static IP's

My problem is that I have a connection to the internet with internet explorer,

but absolutly no other protocols work over the ICS.

i.e. Outlook can find pop/smtp server, but can't exchange info & get email

VPN to work can be connected, but no network resources are available.

Pertaining to the outlook I have tried to manually open ports 110 & 25, which worked until

I restarted the PC1. Then it never worked again. :blink:

I really need this connectionfor work, anyone have an idea?



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Check this KB:


The relevant part:

Microsoft Outlook 2000 is connected to a Microsoft Exchange-based server that uses a remote procedure call (RPC) to send new e-mail message notifications to clients. Outlook 2000 does not automatically look for new e-mail messages when it is connected to an Exchange-based server. The Exchange-based server notifies Outlook 2000 when new e-mail messages arrive. Because the RPC notification is initiated from an Exchange-based server that is outside the firewall (not by Outlook 2000), Internet Connection Firewall cannot find a corresponding entry in the table. Internet Connection Firewall does not permit the RPC messages to cross from the Internet to the home network. The RPC notification message is dropped. You can send and receive e-mail messages, but you must manually look for new e-mail.

Configure Outlook 2003 or 2007 to use Exchange RPC over HTTP (make sure your admin has configured this on the Exchange servers!), and it will work. RPC connections do not work through ICS, and Outlook uses RPC to talk to Exchange by default. That's why it works to POP or SMTP, but not Exchange native.

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