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Hotfix Slipstreaming

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mdes    0

Thansk a lot XtremeMaC :rolleyes: Now I can try with this version (DX9NTOPK.EXE).

2003/12/15 : Here are the results from the Windows Update:

  • Critical 819696 "DirectX9" missing!
  • Non-critical "DirectX 9.0b Final" missing!

There area also some other strange points:

  • DotNetFX missing. Perhaps bacause I didn't include the language pack!? But how to be sure the language pack will be installed AFTER the DotNetFX core?
  • Journal Viewer: error on install.


  • Non-critical 820223 "Update for OE SP1" missing. This one should be added (in HFTYPE2?) for some non-English languages (see http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=820223)
  • Non-critical 826942 (WPA) missing. New patch, it should be added.

2003/12/15 later : During the installation process, the error "This update requires OE 6.0 SP1" is displayed (followed by an endless installation loop!) I am suspecting the 820223, but not very sure :D In any case slipstreaming WinXP SP1 before anything else, makes sure that my WinXP has OE SP1; so, I don't understand anymore :)

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pfear    0

The non-critical hotfix Q820223 has a correction fon some issues that may occur after you install Q330994, the April, 2003, Cumulative Patch for Outlook Express (MS03-014).

In my unattended installation I included the Q820223 hotfix, but it wasn't either applied or registered.

When I accessed the Windows update site, the Q820223 was listed as a hotfix to be installed. I selected and applyed this hotfix again from the Windows update. To my surprise, when I accessed the Windows update site again, it continued appearing in the list. Then I applyed it manually and received a message that Internet Explorer 6sp1 wasn't installed. The same problem ocurred to my installations of Windows XP and Windows 98SE.

The problem seems to be related to the order in wich you apply the Outlook Express hotfixes. They have to be applied in the following order:

1 - Q330994.exe - Outlook Express

2 - Q820223.exe - Outlook Express

3 - Q813502.exe - Outlook Express.

After that, the problem was gone. No more annoyng messages stating that Internet Explorer wasn't installed. And when I access the Windows update site I don't see this hotfix in the list of non-critical hotfixes that have to be installed.


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