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I'm looking for an mp4 player to buy, to replace my current mp3 player, Creative Zen Micro 5gb.

The reason im doing this is because my mp3 player's battery sucks now, it only last like 2 hours long and it locks up at least five times a day for no apparent reason. My warranty on this expired so not much i can do there.

Lookin' for an mp4 player to buy. Not really fond of the iPod Videos that much.

so what do you guys think?

Cowon d2

iRiver clix

i've been looking at those 2. Space looks fine for me, but kinda bleh, afraid i might need more space.

i don't want to spend too much, maybe around the $200 area.

i want a good stable mp4 player that wont lock up all the time like my zen micro and a really long battery life. i use my mp3 player like at least 5 hours a day sooo. yea. also something really portable too, that can fit in my pocket (: also a decent screen thats like around 2 inches. none of that 1 inch stuff.

Microsoft Zune maybe?

Creative Zen Vision:M maybe? [i don't really like my experience with my zen micro]

not an expert on music/video players, so hope you guys can help me (:

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Heard nothing but bad news about the Zune. But I understand the Vision is OK.

I like my Archos 404.


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u just dont like ipod??? well then get sandisk sansa. battery is 10 hours.... 8GB. overall good mp3 player (earphones sukck). just get ipod nano. zune is also cool, just a little bulky, and bad compatibility with windows. with Sansa you just drag and drop as you wish.


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