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Ways to Install Windows XP through network

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Hi all,

I would want to install windows xp through network.

I have read many posts about matter, so I have understant that it is possible with tftpd32.

This is my problem.

I have a LAN with inside two PC (pc1 server and pc2 client) in workgroup, no domain.

I have a shared folder on pc1 I have named "share". Inside share there is my customed Windows XP cd.

Now on pc2 I would install my customed windows cd.

I know it is possible with PXE, but on pc1 and pc2 there aren't PXE compatible NIC, but the NIC is integrated on motherboards.

PC1 and PC2 are in a LAN with DHCP integrated in a router, so I cannot enable it in tftpd32 and insert linuxpxe.0

What are the ways to install windows XP on pc2?

By Win PE with winnt32 command? If yes, how?

If I want to use tftpd32 on pc1, how I can load a boot sector that contains a menu where I can chooose what I want to install or what I want to run like a multiboot menu?

For example I know that I can run Win PE on clients through pxe.

What is it possible with my network configuration?


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most of the integrated network cards are pxe compatible. in fact I have yet to stumble upon a integrated ethernet card, that does not allow pxe-boot. In your case network boot is probably disabled in the BIOS setup, most of the time there should be a entry like "LAN Boot ROM [enabled/disabled]" under "integrated peripherals".

Sometimes however the implementation is fu...ed up and independent of the boot order specified in the bios, network will be the first all times.

And basically PXE is possible with any combination of a DHCP, TFTP-Server and network boot loader (like pxelinux and others).


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You're not going to be able to do PXE boot and RIS/WDS install Windows in your setup since RIS/WDS require Active Directory. You would have to use some 3rd party PXE server/service running on PC1 to get PC2 to boot and install. Or, you can create a WinPE boot CD/USB to boot from, map to a share of your Windows install files and run the install from there.


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It May be possible with linux live CD with VMwire as If you not get Network, The Installer cannot be done.

Virtually The Server Insteller Cd Drive will be mounted in the local CD Drive and will Install WinXP on network.

It's Separate Issue. So NO detail discussion can be made.

However, thanks for the issue.

I am searching for Totally Windows Solution for the PC without PXE Boot ROM as Client.



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