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NAS FTP Server

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Anyone can help please,I am connecting to my NAS (Sumvision 8989) server but get the following error at the end.

I have removed ip etc and replaced with ***


*** CuteFTP Pro 3.0 - build Feb 13 2003 ***

STATUS:> Getting listing ""...

STATUS:> Resolving host name **********...

STATUS:> Host name *********resolved: ip = *********.

STATUS:> Connecting to ftp server *********:21 (ip = *******)...

STATUS:> Socket connected. Waiting for welcome message...

220 NET Disk FTP Server ready.

STATUS:> Connected. Authenticating...

COMMAND:> USER *********

331 User name okay, need password.


230 User logged in, proceed.

STATUS:> Login successful.


257 "/" is current directory.

STATUS:> Home directory: /


211- Extension supported:



211 END

STATUS:> This site supports features.

STATUS:> This site supports SIZE.


350 Requested file action pending further information.

STATUS:> This site can resume broken downloads.


350 Requested file action pending further information.


227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,0,***,80,2).


STATUS:> Connecting ftp data socket 192.168.0.***:20482...

ERROR:> Can't connect to remote server. Socket error = #10060.

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does it have a firewall blocking some ports on the NAS itself if so check that if not

arrr sorry ,.....

PS .. does the unit have an website for the box


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Probably not but a firewall on your local machine could prevent your from connecting if you're using passive mode.


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Thanks for replies guys.

The only firewall is in the router which the ftp and pcs pass through but I have allowed ports to pass through this.

I also got the son-in-law to check from his pc and he gets same message so it has to be on server.

Yes there is a site and I emailed them as there is supposed to be an upgarde there but other manufactures have been downloadingh this as it works with their drives also so they werent happen and have taken it off the site and this is supposed to correct some ftp error so maybe this is the fault I have anjd with luck they may contact me with download \link.




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Thanks for all your help guys but finally cracked it.

It was a faulty Wireless router which would not open the ports when told to.

(D-Link DI 524) so nopw got a Buffalo G-125 and works great and faster.

Thanks again


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