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Customizing Banners

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I have a bannner that i like and i need some Guru to help adjust it for me

i would like the background more like a windows glass look

the first part in yellowish gold look not too dark and the last part in a redish

BMP format, either RGB or RLE [compressed], doesn't matter.

- 16 colors [4-bit]. I could probably "scrunch" a 256 colors [8-bit] BMP, but may or may not display properly [haven't tried anything else besides 16 colors].

- file size must be minimum 1500 bytes, max 8000 bytes [preferably ~ 3000 bytes].

- BMP width x height must be 21 x 233 pixels [original pic size]. Height can be more or less that, up to max 300 pixels. Width should be 21 pixels, but can go down to 18 or up to max 25.

- writing has to vertical facing the left side of the screen.

- single color background acceptable, but gradient of multiple colors better.


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