DVD RW Drive Disappears

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I just bought a new Desktop a month ago. I put in a CD to backup some

files and nothing appeared to be happening. I clicked on "Computer" and

found that my "DVD CW" Drive ("E" Drive) was no longer listed.

I called Support and they told me that there is a known problem with

Vista. Certain software downloads are incompatable and can cause

the "E Drive" to be deallocated. I ran a Checkpoint Restore to get my

"E Drive" restored.

Does anyone know where one can find a current list of software that

causes this problem ? Is there any mention of this problem in the

Mircrosoft Support Site ?


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I dont know about any program that cause something like this.though i heared of viruses that might do things like this.

so i recommend you to first look for viruses on your machine.

then check device manager and see if the hardware completely disapeared.

if it wasnt in device manager you might wanna check the cables and if not take it to guarantee.


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