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help plz i want make my pc http server

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hi all i heared abt making my pc as a http server anyone can surf also for downloading files and i read abt way using that site


hope anyone tell me how i can do it in detail


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AnalogX has a simple one. It comes with instructions.

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If you need a simple one, do have a look at this:


What is it?

... it's file sharing

... it's webserver

... it's open source

... it's free

... it's guaranteed to contain no malware


Download and upload

Virtual file system

Highly customizable

HTML template

Bandwidth control

Easy/Expert mode


Full control over connections


Dynamic DNS updater

You like this software?

I like donations!

Consider even 3$


You can use HFS (Http File Server) to send and receive files.

It's different from classic file sharing because it uses web technology

to be more compatible with today's Internet.

It also differs from classic web servers because it's very easy to use and runs "right out-of-the box".



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