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I've just found that after creating a PRF file for Outlook 2003 (which contains the Exchange server name and other settings), I can execute it by the following ways:

Outlook.exe /importprf \\server1\share\outlook.prf



But both methods execute the configuration file for the actual user.

Is there a way to execute it for every new user that logs on to the workstation?



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How about a simple bat file that checks:

IF NOT EXIST "%userprofile%\ntuser.ini" Outlook.exe /importprf \\server1\share\outlook.prf

the link can be included into the runonceex registry path or there is a path somewhere in the %windir% where you can store logion scripts (due to the if not exist query it runs only the first time, even if scheduled to run after every login).

just a suggestion though


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