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Integrating NT 4 SP6a, SRP and some patches (SP6.5 pack) howto!

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Here's a easy howto.

Step 1) Make a directory.

2) Extract/copy all files from your NT CD/ISO to the directory.

3) Download 3 files: http://asiekierka.boot-land.net/sp65int.part1.rar, http://asiekierka.boot-land.net/sp65int.part2.rar, http://asiekierka.boot-land.net/sp65int.part3.rar and unpack them to the same directory you have unpacked/copied NT CD/iso.

4) Move everything from I386 to the root dir.

5) If you have SP6 or SP6a integrated on your NT cd, go to step 5a. Otherwise, go to step 5b.

5a) Delete a line from cmdlines.txt file that's in $OEM$ dir. The line is: "C:\TEMP_SP\sp6i386.exe /n /u /o /z"

5b) Download sp6i386.exe (SP6 installer) and put it to $OEM$\C\TEMP_SP.

6) Put all of that EXPECT bootimg.img into an iso.

7) Use bootimg.img as a bootfile.

8) Make an ISO and burn.

INFORMATION: I tested it on virtual PC and i need to integrate SmartDrive probably. Well, i wouldn't do that.

And there is a bug that auto-selects that you have a network. Anybody willing to fix it?

And i also forgot to add XP NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM. Well, i will fix it in NT 4.01 (SP 6.5 was just a step to it).

Well, i don't know if it installs SRP. Anybody that can check?

Install how-to.

1) Insert the CD and set in BIOS to boot from it.

2) Wait for it to copy all files onto the hard disk.

3) After it's done, eject the CD and set in BIOS to boot from hard disk.

4) Now installer installs the main OS for a gui. Then reboots.

5) NOW installer boots the GUI. You go as normal.

6) VOILA! You have your NT 4 SP6.5 installed. Well, on first login you must setup the display.

-- credits.txt goes here --

Credits to:

marxo (known also as TM0d) - NT 4 Explorer patch.

MDGx - for that unofficial patches

awergh - Windows 2000 theme!

Microsoft - NT 4

Unknown - giving direct link to a how-to for preinstalling NT 4 with SP6a!

Thanks to everybody.

EDIT: Anybody can "derivate" from this SP6.5 to do his own NT mod. i don't care. But credit me and everybody I credited. SP65.exe installs all MOST of unofficial patches, NT 4 explorer patch and windows 2000 theme, so if you don't use this file, i don't think you must credit marxo (no his patch) and awergh (no his theme.) While credit MDGx for his unofficial MS Paint patch.

EDIT 2: OH. it also leaves 50mb of old install files. Just delete the TEMP_SP directory.

Edited by asiekierka

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interesting, and people always say that intergrating sp6 into nt4 is imposible.

is this for just nt4 workstation or does it work on other editions as well such as terminal server


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awergh: It's based on a hidden Microsoft document availble only for OEM builders. Somebody on some forum posted the direct link. It also shows how to do autologon and set up IE5 on first boot. I will upload it now though. Also, it should work for Server, but i tested it only on Workstation CD with SP1 integrated. I also used information over the net to make it.



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Hotfix #1 for SP 6.5. Even if I promised i wouldn't do one.

It fixes:

- Qchain bug.

- Floppy driver bug.

- RTF lib bug.

It adds:

- Some of PowerToys stuff

- 3D Control support

- MSI support.

- New TTF files.

Maybe i missed something.

Download link (will work really soon), 7.01 MB

Warning! Every newer hotfix (if any) will require the older one installed or it may not work. It's because of size concerns.

Stuff added to this hotfix is planned to be a part of NT 4.01, the project that is in progress, which bases on that SP 6.5.

BTW: Could anybody help me port some stuff to NT4? I see some people port stuff to 98SE, but not NT4 :(.

Edited by asiekierka

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tried to install sp6.5 cd but it didnt seem to work, it would be better if you could use the nt4 bootsector rather then an msdos bootcd to start ntsetup, because it would be a good idea if you could set the partition because i like to be able to choose the patition or format a partition like using the normal nt4 cd.


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Oh, that one...

I don't know how to do it "the other way". I.E. Modifying unattended.txt to JUST execute cmdlines.txt.

It's the main actual bug.


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