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  1. There might been a standalone installer, but i could not find anyone kept its links version RTM: version 11.0.11: version 11.0.15: x64 x86 version 11.0.17: x64 KB3038314 (update version 11.0.18)
  2. Workaround: More details:
  3. Just an update for the situation now, March 2016 Client KB3138612 fixes the issue as well, for clean install systems at least
  4. It's not atomic bomb most of work is done manually i described it here:
  5. This is custom-made solution that provide latest Windows Update Client version 7.6.7601.23453, which is part of July 2016 rollup update KB3172605 some of MDL members already seen it, and since August 2016 rollup didn't replace KB3172605, i thought it would be fine to promote the solution this WUClient version provides the long-awaited fix for the long scan issue in WU, which makes it a highly priority update that should be installed the official way of having this fix is by installing the July 2016 rollup KB3172605 (which require servicing stack update KB3020369 first) but some users may face issues with it (Intel Bluetooth, SSL cipher change.. etc), or simply don't want to install unwanted/unrelated fixes in order to get WU fix so, i ripped the WUClient components off KB3172605, those components are defined and deployed by sub-packages, i extracted/prepared/repacked those packages to be installed easily with DISM tool as individual .cab files this allow you to have the WU fix solely without other fixes in the rollup that you may not want or cause you problems, and without any prerequisites updates the solution also spare you from having to install monthly-changed win32k.sys update, or any other updates only one down-size of the solution, as a side effect you will get multiple enries for KB3172605 in "Installed Updates" panel (at least 2 for x86 / 3 for x64) and if you decided to install the whole KB3172605 rollup later, you will also get one more entry this is merely a cosmetic issue that don't decrease or affect the packages functionality you can install the packages yourself with dism, or recommended to use the scripts i made to automate the process Download: File: MD5: 1696dc0c8f38b4a0501130132bca6cc7 SHA1: 98f0300ad2d725c1025db482b4a88ac50a317f0d File: MD5: f8af8b2c1f25e2401b9735071062a576 SHA1: 98026dcd7e68bc23d91edee417870c9d9b178cf8
  6. No it's not, KB3172605 is completely enough to solve the long delay issue as permanent solution but it require prerequisite KB3020369
  7. Manually install KB3020369 > KB3172605
  8. Sure you can extract cabs and combine them, each will need it's own folder then, point dism to update.mum (or update-bf.mum) that's how simplix pack works acrually
  9. .msu files are digitally signed, you can't merge, modify or create a new one that the system would accept
  10. You can't get what doesn't exist defender don't have separate package on w7
  11. 1) Yes 2) You can integrate each sub-package .mum manually to avoid components, but that's an almost impossible mession due the large number of those packages the easier way would be by integrating the whole rollup, then use install_wim_tweak.exe to remove unwanted sub-packages 3) No, but as in 2, dism can integrate individual sub-packages 4) The rollup contain all hotfixes, except the ones listed in KB article as excluded p.s. 1500 update included: 5) With or without the rollup are practical
  12. Thanks for monitoring when i said telemetry components, i ment the ones included in rollup, it include: - Diagtrack service (KB3068708/KB3080149) - only a fracture of KB2952664, this fracture is latent/ineffective without the whole kb2952664 installed - telemetry points in UAC consent.exe (KB3075249), they also ineffective if Diagtrack service is off (just a guess), and KB3139923 already superseded it - upgrade facilitating WU client (KB3138612), can be easily blocked with registry DisableOSUpgrade "convenience rollup update" is useful even for up-to-date system (WU updates), because: - it contains almost all hotfixes and non-WU updates, which is basically what SP2 will have if it was released - the rollup unifies the components version to one, allowing an easy base for system - individual updates have superseded, duplicated components/files (different versions), which takes more reduntant space, and installing the rollup (newest version) allows Disk Cleanup to remove the old components and gain space as for KB971033, maybe it's re-requested because you didn't set the upgrade block policy so WU needs it to verify Win7 license before offering the upgrade (again just a guess) Regard the SFC integrity issue, here's an explanation for it: the issue is indeed a failure by msft and makes the rollup looks bad, but it's completely harmless
  13. Most great thing msft provided since win8.1 update specially it's LDR only, as all updates released in April/May 2016 GDR branch should have died when mainstream support ended it's the one that has been culpriting WU (and i don't mean the long search issue) as for those telemetry components, it's very enough and easy to disable Diagtrack service/schedule tasks.. and their effect is gone
  14. Unified Background Process Manager = Unified Scheduling Engine = Scheduled Task Process Manager you can export some task from taskschd to see that setting: UseUnifiedSchedulingEngine UBPM include System Events Broker and Time Broker services
  15. Possible, using unattend answer file RunSynchronousCommand in specialize pass runs under system account and have full access to registry <settings pass="specialize"> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Deployment" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="" xmlns:xsi=""> <RunSynchronous> <RunSynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <Path>REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Exclusions\Paths" /V "C:\Program Files\Rig\AutoPass.exe" /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f</Path> <Order>1</Order> <Description>Registry</Description> </RunSynchronousCommand> </RunSynchronous> </component> </settings>