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Installing Windows XP Games on Windows Server 2003

Thanks to gamehead200 for the submission of this guide, it works!

New: We also have a new XP Games Installer that doesn't need the Windows XP disc! Thanks to [FileFly] for providing us with this. (Note: you will not need to follow the guide below if you choose to use this!)

Download: Link removed - contains W32.Pinfi virus, sorry for any inconvenience as we try to fix this

This section will show you how to get the games such as Solitaire, Minesweeper, Pinball, and all the Internet games installed on Windows Server 2003. You will need your Windows Server 2003 CD and your Windows XP CD to do this. Let's download the package of inf and dll files to make it work!

Download: XP Games

Extract the zipped file to wherever you like and follow these steps:

  1. Copy all the DLLs to C:\Windows\System32\Setup\
  2. Copy all the INFs to C:\Windows\Inf\

We now want to add a couple of lines to the sysoc.inf file. Go to Start -> Run -> and type in C:\Windows\Inf\sysoc.inf followed by enter. sysoc.inf should now open in Notepad, then paste in the following:


Save the file!

Sysoc.inf Editing

Now we want to install the games! Insert your Windows Server 2003 CD, and go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components -> double click on Accessories and Utilities -> and then make sure Games is checkboxed, lastly click on OK.

When you're prompted for a CD called Unknown then take out your Windows Server 2003 CD and replace it with your Windows XP CD, and click on OK again. Make sure all throughout the process that its pointing to the /i386 directory on both CDs to ensure an error free installation. Also remember to replace C:\WINDOWS with your drive and WINDOWS folder name where applicable for this guide!

That's it! The games are now installed, and you can access it by going to Start -> Programs -> Games

Games on Windows Server 2003!

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